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Happy New Year!

2009 is coming tomorrow! For those of you who are into making (and breaking) new year resolutions, now would be a great time to do so. Looking back at 2008, there’s so many things that happened to make it a … Continue reading

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Ugh! Of all the things to happen to me before Christmas, I get food poisoning! I don’t really have a clue where I may have contracted it, though at this point the evidence points to a certain fish and chips … Continue reading

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The Big One

This post goes out to everybody who I haven’t talked to on MSN like, forever. The past semester in UTP was a disaster as far as Internet connectivity is concerned. Facebook was out of the question, let alone Meebo. I’d never felt … Continue reading

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The Murder of the Year

The city is always dark at night. Not the lively, happy dark of glitzy nightclubs and discotheques but the gloomy, mournful dark of crime scenes and funerals. Every night casts a pall over this city. Tonight was no different. Except for one … Continue reading

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