The Big One

This post goes out to everybody who I haven’t talked to on MSN like, forever.

The past semester in UTP was a disaster as far as Internet connectivity is concerned. Facebook was out of the question, let alone Meebo. I’d never felt as disconnected from the outside world as I had felt during the past four months I was in UTP. In one word, it was annoying.

Now that my exams are over (and with it, my second year of degree studies in UTP), the time has come for a new challenge: internship!

FYI, internship is a temporary stint at a company of your choosing to gain some working experience. In my case, ‘temporary’ means eight months. What a whopper of a time!

Thus, much of my previous semester was spent looking and applying with companies around Malaysia for jobs relevant to what I was studying. The keyword here is ‘relevance’. Who knows, if it weren’t for that word, I’d be happily doing a few strange jobs in some unnamed part of the world..

Anyway, moving away from that fantasy, I applied for and secured an internship with one of the Big Four auditing firms, KPMG. Their office is based in the KPMG Tower, next to One Utama in PJ. Anytime you’re in the area, look me up!

Now why the hell would an IT (OK, fine, BIS for you sticklers out there) student like me take up an offer with KPMG, an AUDITING firm?

Simple. It’s IT auditing I’m doing. (Hmm, a bit of Yoda there, how’d that happen) You know what financial audits are, right? Well, for IT audits we look at the systems that a company uses. Rather, we look at how they use their systems. We compare that against set benchmarks and make recommendations as necessary based on our findings. So it’s really a bit of consultancy too.

Depending on the company, there are several levels of audits. Currently I’m on the IT General Controls level, ITGC for short. It’s a lot of work for a newbie like myself! But thanks to my senior, an associate named Jason Hew, he’s been really helpful in showing me the ropes and has provided me with loads of guidance in doing the ITGC.

According to Jason and a few others I’ve talked to, the ITGC is the lowest-level, simplest audit that we can conduct for a client. As its name implies, its very general in scope. To me it seems like a lot for something ‘simple’ and ‘general’!

To know how much work it really takes to complete ITGC, look no further than the price tag. I can’t give you specific numbers, but suffice to say it cos upwards of five figures. Not bad, huh? Maybe one day I’ll have to do an ITGC all on my own. All the more reason to quickly learn how to get it done!

There’s also something called ITAC, or IT Application Controls. This type of audit involves a more specific focus on one or two core software programs used by the company. It’s not as common as ITGC, but the two usually go hand-in-hand.

Moving on, you know how all your seniors / adult relatives / adult friends say that university is the best time of your life? Yes, you can groan all you want, cos it’s true. In university you spend a few hours at class, then the rest of the day’s yours. At work, you spend the day in the office (or at the client’s place), then whatever’s left at the end of the day is yours. It’s a big change, but one I’m slowly getting used to day by day.

One thing nice about KPMG is the environment. Aside from the fact we’re practically next door to One Utama, the office is also very spacious. It’s big and bright and wide and quite a fun place to be! Everybody here is pretty friendly. Even though you’d expect an office to be all serious and stuff, people here love to joke and just plain fool around to de-stress. It might not be immediately obvious to the casual observer that we’re in the middle of one of the busiest periods of the year! So yeah, the people here are great too.

So far I’ve had one client with Jason, an insurance provider. I’m currently on another client with him too, a large retail business, though we haven’t done much yet cos it’s only the beginning of the project.

I think I’ve said enough about my job here. I’ll continue some other time when I’m not so busy. Work isn’t all fun either!


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5 Responses to The Big One

  1. redblaque says:

    wow.. that’s a nice description! seems that you’re actually enjoying your work and you know exactly what you’re doing.. hehe. hope to hear more from you.. :]

  2. kenwooi says:

    Hi there Jared!

    How are you? Linked you back! =)

  3. Jared says:

    Thanks! It is quite fun to be working here anyways. Heh heh. Good luck for your internship too eh? I’ll be blogging here for awhile. 🙂

    Hey Wei Ken! I’m doin’ fine here! 😀

  4. huiwen7 says:

    Looks like I should prolong my university education as long as possible, haha!

  5. Jared says:

    Only if you have the money to do so! 😛

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