Prince of Persia

The enigmatic Prince and his magic-wielding companion, Elika.

Prince of Persia: The enigmatic Prince and his magic-wielding companion, Elika.

The most astoundingly beautiful game I’ve ever seen; it’s a watercolour painting come to life. It’s extremely simple to pick up and play, and simply watching the Prince scurry across walls and leap great distances is a delight. The story is riveting too. The ending.. well, I’ll leave it to you to find out what the ending is like for yourself.

Traveling through a sandstorm with the spoils of his previous adventure, a mysterious warrior stumbles across a long-lost civilization and its beautiful princess, Elika, just in time to watch her father free an ancient god who has been imprisoned for a thousand years. As the forces of evil gather to wreak havoc upon the world, the destiny of the Ahura people lies in the hands of Elika.. but the fate of the world rests upon this enigmatic man. Warrior, saviour, legend. This is the tale.. of the Prince of Persia. 🙂


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  1. Syad says:

    jaaareeed~ i finally get to browse the internet properly TwT changed the link to your new blog. hope this one stays 😛 heh heh

  2. leslielinda says:

    Ahhh~~~~Jared! This is your new blog! Thanks for linking me, buddy! =)

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