Big, Small, Does Anyone Really Care at All?

Remember the tagline of that old Godzilla movie? You know, the one with Matthew Broderick in it, where Godzilla came to New York and smashed much of the place to pieces? “Size does matter!” the movie’s posters and trailers proclaimed.

That tagline popped up in my head again after watching Mike Myers’ “The Love Guru” (OK, wait, we’re not here to debate how sucky the movie was, alright? just listen to me first). For those of you who haven’t seen the show, Justin Timberlake plays Jacques ‘Le Coq’ Grande, the “most well-endowed hockey player in the NHL” – obviously not referring to the character’s washboard abs or muscular physique.

In one scene, the camera is positioned just high enough to not show Jacques’ hands extricating – something – from his jeans. But when it does come out, there is an audible ‘thump’ of something considerably large hitting the floor. Then the  girl in bed with him lets loose an audible gasp of amazement / delight / shock / lust at the sight of his.. “legend”.

While not many guys possess appendages large enough to practically render baseball bats obsolete (trivia: if a man’s ‘little brother’ is more than 12 inches long, does one call it a foot?), the idea inevitably led to this chain of thought:

  1. Some guys like girls with big breasts.
  2. Some guys prefer girls with smaller breasts.
  3. Some guys don’t really care about breast size.
  4. Therefore, do girls fall into the same three categories in terms of the size of a guy’s member?

Girls and ladies, I would appreciate it if you could share some of your thoughts on this. Does a bigger size impress you, or increase the guy’s chances of scoring in bed? Does a larger size necessarily translate into better performance and confidence? Or are you the type that prefers more manageable sizes? Is it about how they – I mean, we – use the tool, and not the size of it? Or do you not really care as long as you get to bed him?

P.S. Let’s try to keep our thoughts out of the gutter, shall we? Mature discussion befitting our age, please! (there, I said please):D


About Jared

I am all the awesomesauce you could ever want in a handsome, neat package, and you know it.
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7 Responses to Big, Small, Does Anyone Really Care at All?

  1. Fang Xuan says:

    Yea, agreed, same goes for some girls like ugly guys, fat guys and so on. Some girls even like girls. So they dun even bother bout the size. ahahahah!

  2. wenli says:

    I believe that girls doesn’t value physical attributes as much. So really, size doesn’t matter THAT much.

  3. Anonymous from 4chan says:

    I think size DOES matter. ok maybe length to be more accurate. If the uh… stick is long…. then the sperm won’t have to travel as much…..

    Plus, longer instruments can indefinitely pleasure a girl better.

  4. tienzyee says:

    lol wat a topic…

    let’s see…
    even if it matters, how do u know the size fits ur requirement be4 u started the relationship(obviously its hard to break after u started the relationship rite?)

    i mean like u like long but it turns out to be short after 5 years (how do u fix that?)


  5. ~eRiC~ says:

    elo jared…LOL…

  6. kucingsiber says:

    ahahahahahaha.juz checking out ur blog a while ago. interesting topic XD
    i think i’d aprreciate the guy’s attitude more than his size but at some point,it may matters ^^

  7. rahmah says:

    erm…ntah. i appreciate my beloved ones as it is it matter or not..not yet 2 b discovered..haha 😛

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