Ten “Birds-and-Bees” Myths Debunked (repost)

Courtesy of Jasmine, who obtained it from Lemondrop. Enjoy and be enlightened simultaneously! Again, slightly colored for clarity. 😀

Myth #1: Men Love Lingerie
The truth: Many men just find lingerie complicated. Think about it, all those snaps and ribbons and straps are confusing and a pain in the ass to get off of you when he wants to get some. Most guys will tell you they much prefer a woman naked.

Myth #2: Women have to be in a relationship to enjoy sex.
The Truth: Your orgasm potential has nothing to do with whether you’re single or committed. Having great sex has to do with physical sensations, not your status. What’s more, many women report having stronger orgasms when they masturbate than they do with a partner.

Myth #3: Women don’t (and shouldn’t!) masturbate as often as guys.
The Truth: Ha! There is absolutely no rule as to how much you should get yourself off. Do it is much as you’d like. In fact, the more you do it, the more you’ll understand what it takes to reach climax and that can help you guide your guy when you’re in bed together.

Myth #4: Vaginal orgasms feel better than clitoral orgasms.
The Truth: There is no such thing as a better orgasm — they’re all pretty fantastic. They definitely feel different because they originate in different spots. Try experimenting and achieving the various types — clitoral, vaginal, g-spot — to see which you prefer.

Myth #5: A woman should be able to orgasm during intercourse.
The Truth: Putting that kind of pressure on yourself may prevent you from having an orgasm at all. A lot of women are unable to reach their peak through straight penetration. Most need clitoral stimulation as well. So don’t feel bad touching yourself, having your partner touch you, or even using a vibrator while he thrusts.

Myth #6: Women don’t get turned on by porn.
The Truth: There’s no hard rule on this one. Some chicks like naughty flicks, others don’t. If porn doesn’t do the trick for you, try erotic literature. Lots of women prefer it because it allows them to use their imagination when picturing what’s going on.

Myth #7: If you’re good in bed, you should be able to please anyone.
The Truth: Some people have instant in-bed chemistry, others have to work on it. That means, you could sleep with 10 guys and they would all have a different opinion of your skills. (And you of theirs!) Communication is key to being able to have good sex with someone. Tell him what you like and don’t like, and ask him to do the same. If you’re too shy to say it, show him by guiding his hands.

Myth #8: Men prefer women who pursue them sexually.
The Truth: Evolution tells us the exact opposite. Most men like to feel like they’ve worked for a women’s attention. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to sit in the corner and wait for a man to approach you. Go ahead and signal to a guy that you’re interested by flirting. Just avoid things like grabbing his crotch in a crowded bar.

Myth #9: Happy couples always have good sex.
The Truth: No one always hits a homer in the bedroom. You could be in the best relationship and have an off night if one of you isn’t feeling well or is stressed. If you are always having bad sex, it may be a bigger problem. If this is the case, discuss what you both need in bed to enjoy yourselves more.

Myth #10: Males of Different Races Have Different-Size Penises
The Truth: Sorry, but there’s no evidence to support this one. A study from the Porterback Clinic and Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield and St. James’ Hospital in Leeds, United Kingdom, found that the size of a man’s package has absolutely nothing to do with his race.


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6 Responses to Ten “Birds-and-Bees” Myths Debunked (repost)

  1. tienzyee says:

    walao eh, i think we need to categorized ur blog as 18 xxxxxxxxxxxx liao.

  2. Fang Xuan says:

    Hmm… i always tot Blacks have bigger Dicks… hmm…

  3. Jared says:

    Come on la, I barely even swear on this blog, let alone post sexually explicit pictures. XD

    @Fang Xuan
    Now that’s just plain stereotyping! 😛

  4. Fang Xuan says:

    But But But u see in those PORN and stuff, y their one look so big one?! Hurm…

  5. Jared says:

    @Fang Xuan
    For the enjoyment of the viewers, I suspect they only pick the more well-endowed male specimens, though you’d probably be able to find other ‘big ones’ among guys of other races if you look ‘hard enough’. LOL 😀

  6. kenwooi says:

    interesting, interesting.. =)

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