The Big Two-Oh!

Another year just came and went
Another year seemed hardly well-spent
Another year already past
Another year, not long did it last

One more year and I’m now older
One more year to feel upon my shoulders
One more year to fill my cup
One more year, it all adds up

Growing up isn’t all roses
Growing up in all its poses
Growing up and learning well
Growing up for show-and-tell

Time flies, old friends have gone
Time flies, old lovers have moved on
Time flies, the world has changed
Time flies, the world is still as strange

Twenty years since I could first see
Twenty years from wee babe to me
Twenty years already now
Twenty years ain’t no time for goodbye bows

* * * * *

Thank you Jasmine for the oh-so-very special post!

And thank you everybody else – friends and family alike – for your sweet and thoughtful wishes! It may have been a quiet 25 March, but your wishes made my year! 😀 I you all!


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I am all the awesomesauce you could ever want in a handsome, neat package, and you know it.
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4 Responses to The Big Two-Oh!

  1. rahmah says:

    my dear papa…hepi birthday to u~~ ur daughter been extremely bz diz few days. sori k!!

    nway…kalo perasan, lame betul kite dah berkawan kan? thanks sgt2 4 all your guidance n mentoring. haha. reli2 miss those days mase kite study week!

    dear…wish u all the best in ur furture. i noe..wuteva u do, u’ll be success coz u born as a STAR.. 🙂

    luv u sooo much darl!

  2. Joanna says:

    Read this 3 days too late…anyhow, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!! 😛

    You finally hit the big two-oh…

  3. leslielinda says:


  4. kenwooi says:

    happy belated birthday! no more teen-age! haha..
    btw, do drop comments on my entries whenever you visit ya.. appreciate it alot! =D
    see ya take care enjoy the twenties!

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