Internship Half-Over?

It seems like just yesterday that I began my internship here at KPMG in Petaling Jaya, and already we’ve passed the halfway mark. To think I haven’t started on my weekly internship reports.. gosh! 😛

So a quick update: my managers (I have different managers for different clients) have started giving me jobs to do on my own. Tough (especially in terms of transportation), but I’m slowly getting used to it, especially after one of my managers slotted me into a formal IT audit training session. It was a very useful experience that’ll definitely help me produce better-quality work from now on.

IT audit has definitely broadened my view of the world somewhat. Learning to get to client’s places by myself, how to deal with particularly difficult clients, to prepare reports and meet deadlines, the list is endless. To top it all off, the guys and girls in my department have been very helpful to me so far – even the managers!

One thing’s for sure though.. I goddamn seriously freakin’ miss university life! Oh, the days when classes finish early and you have the rest of the whole day to do as you liked. Studying is much easier compared to working a nine-to-five job! Just ask Melissa!

Anyway, Im starting a new client on April Fool’s. Fortunately this time I’m working with Siew Wai, so the workload won’t be that much – hopefully. And working with her means I don’t have to fork out extravagant taxi fares for this client! 🙂

This weekend, I’ll be heading down to Melaka with my dad’s side of the family for Cheng Beng, or ceremonial prayers for the dead. That’s Saturday. I plan to be back come nightfall so I can go watch Knowing with Wen Li! It’s gonna be an awesome weekend – I can feel it! 😀


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