Wen Li’s Recollections

From Wen Li‘s “Recollection of the those who had once whisked by“, slightly editted for clarity:

There are those people who you meet everyday, but you exchange less than five words in a year with them. For some reason, you’ve never thought of changing the way things are, hence you didn’t think it was necessary to go beyond mere acquaintances.

There are those old friends that you’ve met less than five times since you left home. Yet, despite the remoteness and dissimilarity that seems so obvious between the both of you, a pleasant conversation is always worth initiating once in a while, and the feeling is not only heartening; it is usually full of surprises.

There are those whom you’ve never met in your life, but there are little voices in your head telling you just how much you need to know this person. You aren’t sure why, yet, this person might turn out to be your life savior, your life partner, your best friend, your worst enemy, your best lesson.

There are those you see every other day with whom you share some unpremeditated chit-chat. But by the end of it all, you can’t help but wonder if you’re just ”some guy” or “a random chick” in their eyes because they don’t really care about anyone else but themselves.

There are those few who you’ve swiftly become well acquainted with, you hang out once or twice only to find out that they can really do without you. And so can you.

There are those rare and possibly annoying species who seem to put your life above theirs after knowing you for only a few days and it freaks you out. You feel suffocated and need to tell them that they need to get in line in order to fit into your social schedule, in a less insulting manner of course – but fail miserably because they seem to really care for you, only excessively.

There are those masters of disguise who appear to be the most probable people with whom to be acquainted, only to find out just how deceitful they turn out to be.

There are those delusional ones who don’t get the hint that labels are overrated these days. If that’s the way you treat your close friend, I’d rather not be one.

There are those angels who come to the rescue in the best of times. They respect your personal space, they bring out the best in you, but they are limited in number. They’re not perfect, but our memories are.

I think her words perfectly capture the many varieties of people we meet in our day-to-day goings-on. Granted, they’re not all the type we would like to meet, but either by accident or some grand design, that’s exactly who we get to know.

Sure, we regret meeting the wrong types of people.. whether it’s a broken relationship, untrustworthy “friends”, backstabbing colleagues, we’ve each had our fair share.

But for every wrong one we meet, there’s a right one just behind.

These ‘right ones’ are our mentors, our best buddies, our closest family.

They are the ones who wipe our tears away in moments of sadness, pat our backs in moments of triumph, advise us in moments of doubt, and laugh with us in moments of joy.

Instead of berating those ‘wrong ones’ whom you’ve had the misfortune to get to know, focus on the ‘right ones’ whose company you have been so lucky to enjoy. Try it. You might come to find that your life has been blessed all this while. 🙂


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One Response to Wen Li’s Recollections

  1. wenli says:

    well said 🙂

    omg, who wrote those brilliant words? HAHAHA

    just kidding.

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