Awesomesauce Award: flawed logic

If there’s one blog I love stalking at the moment, it’s Mel’s flawed logic.

melissa @ flawed logic

Melissa's blog: flawed logic

Melissa's blog: flawed logic

It started when she began Project 365 for her blog, a photo-a-day project. Her subjects usually include herself or the things around her. More often than not, however, the things around her seem all too familiar ‘cos she’s in UTP most weekdays. (cue me all like, “Hey, that’s Village 4!” or “Hey! That’s the shameful excuse we have for a field!” and other mutterings along those lines) 😀

Her life may be exactly what many university students go through in Malaysia.. but viewed through the lens of a camera, she provides a fresh, new perspective that is almost always refreshing. Ranging in emotions from contemplative to party-mood, her photos provide a unique insight into the blogger and the life she lives.

Did I mention her photos are really good? 🙂 (Jared, you dummy, she’s got a DSLR, so D’UH they’re good!)

So Mel! Don’t give excuses like “dunno what to snap”. You’re doing great as you are, so keep ’em pix comin’, yeah?

[more blogs will be featured soon, so do check back often!]


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2 Responses to Awesomesauce Award: flawed logic

  1. kenwooi says:

    when’s mine? haha.. jk =P

  2. Henry Yew says:

    So when will you feature mine??????

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