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Quickquotes, 04-20-09

To achieve greatness for the future of the students, the students themselves are being forsaken. And it’s gonna be one more month, just one more month. I couldn’t care less which party would topple which other party, I just want … Continue reading

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Quickquotes, 04-14-09

Reading my friends’ blogs, you come across many interesting, if not quirky, quotes. Read on for a sample of them: If everyone has the same positive attitude towards the work they do, life would be perfect. Nobody will say they’re … Continue reading

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BIOSHOCK: Welcome to Rapture

Imagine waking with a lungful of water, drowning in the ice-cold waters of the Atlantic. Surrounded by the fires of the crashed plane – of which you were a passenger just minutes ago – you watch its wreckage sink to its … Continue reading

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Wen Li’s Recollections

From Wen Li‘s “Recollection of the those who had once whisked by“, slightly editted for clarity: There are those people who you meet everyday, but you exchange less than five words in a year with them. For some reason, you’ve … Continue reading

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I want to tell you how I feel about all this, but I can’t. I want to let it out so you know what you’re doing is wrong, but I can’t. I want to say that whatever she’s supposed to … Continue reading

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