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The Paths Taken, Redux

You said you were going to be cool with whatever happens between us. But I know better. You were trying too hard to keep everything together and that only made things worse. Now every time I see you I see … Continue reading

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MILs Bad for Marriage?

You might wanna take a note of this if you’re a mom / mother-in-waiting. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as if you didn’t already know, mothers-in-laws (MILs) have been revealed to be one of the chief causes of divorces in Malaysia! … Continue reading

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Quickquotes, 05-25-09

Sometimes I’m in this oddly poignant mood to revisit my past, I know it may seem hypocritical at times but I’m only human and somehow seeking refuge in my memories makes me The happiest thing is… OMG! My Bday … Continue reading

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Learn to Live Like a Dog

This was received in the form of a forwarded email. I’m sharing it here with all of you in the hope that, someday, we will all learn to live like dogs! * * * * * If a dog was … Continue reading

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Going Home

A journey down memory lane indeed. Course Registration I finished registering my courses for the next semester over the past week. The fact that the online registration this time has been relatively pain-free surprises me. Previously, the course registration system … Continue reading

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