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Quickie: The King of Pop died (not a joke), and I discovered fried Oreos. 🙂 I haven’t been blogging for awhile. Twelve days, to be precise. And for good reason. 🙂 Cos I’ve been hooked onto this most awesome game! … Continue reading

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

In case you somehow missed the call, GO WATCH GO WATCH GO WATCH! And yes, watch it in the cinema because it’s the story of the quintessential war between good and evil, represented by the Autobots, led by the noble … Continue reading

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Rainbows After The Rain

“Papa,” asked the little boy, “why do you like the rain so much?” His father, a towering man of fifty, looked down and smiled. They were holding hands in a summer shower. Raindrops danced upon the rainbow-colored umbrella held open above … Continue reading

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The Worldwide Web Sex Compendium

A great many interesting things can be found on the Internet wherever you look, and what could be more interesting than sex? Here are some very intriguing highlights that I found in Lemondrop’s Sex category for you folks reading out … Continue reading

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Dad’s been diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. Dropped the bombshell on mom this afternoon. Will be taking the train back to Ipoh as soon as I’m done tying up some loose ends here in KL. I will be strong, for … Continue reading

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