What You Should Be Doing Before Sex

Photo by kalandrakas

Photo by kalandrakas

Sex? Whazzat?

For many people, their idea of sex boils down to three things:

  1. A guy and a girl get naked together;
  2. Guy puts his penis in girl’s vagina, and;
  3. Guy fucks rocks girl until he ejaculates.

As you can see, most people aren’t really that creative when it comes to this all-important world-changing event. Sure, you could change it around a bit, like just going half-naked for [1], or letting the girl put the guy’s penis in herself for [2], or making the girl do the fucking rocking for [3]..

But I digress. Surely there has to be more to sex than just three measly items? (Newsflash! Item [3] is overrated, blame it on porn!)

The answer to that question is a loud, resounding “Yes”. Today we’ll take a look at one very important but neglected part of sex: foreplay!


Foreplay is commonly (and therefore very dully) defined as “erotic stimulation prior to sexual intercourse”. I prefer to define foreplay by breaking the word up into its components:

Fore = short form for ‘before’
Play = sex!

So in my book of words, foreplay means what you do before sex! And no, it’s not just taking off your clothes and putting on contraceptives!

Setting the Mood

Before you get into the swing of things, you gotta start the swing! Setting the mood can really help both partners get their groove on and warm up to one another.

Scented or aromatherapeutic candles are a useful stimulant that not only jazz up the room with a soft fragrance, but also dim lighting that would be perfect for an intimate moment for two.

Flower petals scattered randomly around the room – especially near areas where the both of you can sit together – also make a great way to decorate a room.

Some couples would prefer to have a romantic meal as part of foreplay too. I see no harm in that, as a delicious meal will definitely go a long way in setting the mood. Some reminders, though: the food should be something light. You’re not meant to stuff yourself with it!

Chatting it Up

Crucial to setting the right mood is smooth, flowing conversation. Leave out the details about your sucky day and the rude driver whose ass you’d like to.. never mind.

Focus on one another. Talking is the easiest, most sure-fire way of helping two people to connect and come closer. Relating your sexual needs can be a real turn-on, as well as explaining what you intend to do to your other half.

Constant communication can make the experience doubly enjoyable for both the guy and girl. Don’t be shy to tell your other half what to do and how. Remember, if you want something, always try asking for it first. 🙂

But if you’re stuck as to what you could possibly talk about in the moments before the all-important event, this [link] should give you some ideas.

Getting Physical

Touching and petting still remain the most widely used method of foreplay. It is always arousing to touch and, likewise, be touched in certain places. So take this opportunity to get creative with your hands and your lips.

Kissing and stroking is a sure-fire method of arousing one another before sex. Some sensitive spots to pay special attention to include the face, neck and breasts. If you’re feeling peckish, feel free to explore lower.

A soothing back and shoulder massage can ease the anxiety leading up to the actual sex itself. If you’re feeling particularly proactive, you could work your hands from top to bottom, massaging as you go.

A warm bath / shower shared together gives you a convenient excuse to explore your partner’s body. Soap each other down and wash each other thoroughly for a squeaky clean experience later on.

To Sum It All Up?

Three words: foreplay is good!

OK, cliched summary aside, foreplay is a time for a couple to get to know one another more intimately. It’s also a time during which excitement can be injected into a relationship, thereby keeping things fresh.

And while we’re on a high note, foreplay is only exciting when both partners are willing to make it work! So share the love with your partner!

..uh, and don’t forget to share the tips while you’re at it, too. :mrgreen:


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4 Responses to What You Should Be Doing Before Sex

  1. tm89lee says:

    Hahaa… i hate to say but the post makes me feel that u r hinting something/someone? hahaha

    thanks for droppin by my blog anyway.. 😀

  2. NJ says:

    hahaha I’ve read about this somewhere…..

  3. Jared says:

    You’re right, but I’m not telling who it is. 😛

    As far as sex education goes, these tips are pretty common in women’s mags I think. That would explain why you feel that way. 🙂

  4. kenwooi says:

    wow.. the guru! =D

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