Dad’s been diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. Dropped the bombshell on mom this afternoon.

Will be taking the train back to Ipoh as soon as I’m done tying up some loose ends here in KL.

I will be strong, for them, for him.

I’m coming home, Dad. Wait for me. I’ll be there for you.

Update #1 (11/06, 1:20am):

Going with Dad and other relatives to hospital later today at about 9.30am. Picking up his medical report. Will also obtain second opinion from other doctors about the diagnosis. Dad told relatives it’s terminal colon cancer, stage 4. Unsure of extent of spread of cancer at this moment in time. Will keep you posted on his condition as time goes by.

Friends and family, thank you for your heartfelt wishes. They mean a lot to me, and form the foundation of my strength during this trying time. Thank you, thank you. 🙂


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I am all the awesomesauce you could ever want in a handsome, neat package, and you know it.
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9 Responses to 06-08-2009

  1. rahmah says:


    adui.. T.T

    im here for u k?

  2. SL Wong says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that. Stay strong my friend. Please take care

  3. clarence says:

    stay strong, bro. keeping you in prayers.

  4. kenwooi says:

    take care and stay strong.

  5. kersani says:

    hey, u always got a friend in me if u need to talk to someone okey?
    be strong, hope everything will going to be good with ur father’s condition.
    stand by him. coz this time he needs u the most. 🙂

  6. suraya says:

    jared, be strong k!~
    we are here for u~

  7. leslielinda says:

    Be strong. 🙂

  8. yiwei says:

    Hey you… take care man. and do update us in case you need anything.

  9. Wen Sher says:

    hey Jared, hmm, just got to know this right at this moment.. stay strong and i know you will always do. We’re with you, buddiezz~

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