The Worldwide Web Sex Compendium

Photo by faeryboots

Photo by faeryboots

A great many interesting things can be found on the Internet wherever you look, and what could be more interesting than sex? Here are some very intriguing highlights that I found in Lemondrop’s Sex category for you folks reading out there. :mrgreen:

  1. Girls, trying to make conversation with your guy? Some useful tips on what NOT to say before and after sex.
  2. You ladies might also find it especially interesting to know that it is actually possible to break your boyfriend’s penis, so be careful with it while in the sack! As if there weren’t enough ways to injure our poor dicks already..
  3. Geeks rejoice! We’ve been proven to be the best in bed (eat your hearts out, guys 😛 )!
  4. Bimbos in Bed VS. Intelligent Women in Bed. Intelligent Women pwns. Epic win LOL.
  5. Think you know all there is to know about sex? Well somebody lied!

And finally, the man with the world’s biggest penis shares what it’s really like being worshipped as a sex god.

Happy reading! 😀


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  1. kenwooi says:

    lol thanks for sharing.. =)

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