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WANTED: Weapons of Fate

For centuries, a secret fraternity of assassins has brutally executed kill orders dictated by the Loom of Fate. Your destiny is to become their ultimate weapon. Kicking into action where the hit film, WANTED, left off, you are Wesley Gibson … Continue reading

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Money, Power and Art

Just a quickie: The things you can find through Twitter are really quite amazing. Watch what you write on Twitter, ‘cos 140 characters could cost you US$50,000! A power outage leads one man to the most startling revelation of his … Continue reading

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Oral Sex: Yes or No?

In my previous article, What You Should Be Doing Before Sex, I mentioned kissing and stroking as a useful way to build the mood during foreplay, leading up to the actual sex. For some couples, kissing and stroking not only … Continue reading

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Readjusting Once More

After what seemed like a few short months at work, I finally find myself back in the (un)comforts of university life. I can’t tell you enough about how utterly strange it seems to be attending lectures once more, or to … Continue reading

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Try saying the title five times out loud really fast. 😛 Anyhow, I saw this at Thirah‘s, thought I’d put it up because it aligns perfectly with my need to blog about what I feel now that internship is coming … Continue reading

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