Try saying the title five times out loud really fast. πŸ˜›

Anyhow, I saw this at Thirah‘s, thought I’d put it up because it aligns perfectly with my need to blog about what I feel now that internship is coming to an end. Credits to Bobo for the original meme (written in Malay, translated here by yours truly). πŸ™‚

Photo by whatmegsaid

Photo by whatmegsaid

01. How much has your weight gone up?
At least 6 kilos? I’ve not measured myself on a weighing machine yet.

02. Things you bought during your internship?
A boatload of games and an ark-full of awesome food.

03. The worst words you’ll always remember?
Usually anything said over the phone after I wake up late/am terribly sick in bed.

04. The sweetest words you’ll always remember?
Compliments from my colleagues and managers.

05. How many times did you cut your hair during your internship?
5 times, maybe? Seriously, who keeps count?

06. The most tiresome job you ever did?
The entire industrial internship programme.

07. Most frequent mode of transportation?
The Kelana Jaya Line LRT.

08. How often did you go back home during your internship?
Almost every other weekend.

09. The best place to relax and unwind after office hours?
Home, in front of my awesome desktop to wreak havoc upon the world!! Or with friends for dinner.

10. Newest habit you developed during your internship?
Talking about sex and feeling horny.. A lot.

11. Generous Boss or Sporting Boss?
Sporting Boss!

12. Name of person you most hated during your internship?
[The contents of this reply have been removed under the Internal Security Act.]

13. Favorite internship week?
Week 25?
I think I was most free that week.

14. Anything broke down/wore out during internship? (morality not included)
Watches, wallets, shoes, slippers.

15. This world is [ full of lies | peaceful and tranquil ] Choose one and elaborate.
Peaceful and tranquil. Life’s what you make it to be, so if you like your life as a mess full of lies.. rest assured you’ll find your life exactly how you want it.

16. The biggest loss you gave your host company?
[The contents of this reply have been removed under the Internal Security Act.]

17. Does your SV like you?
Without a doubt, yes!

18. Friend who helped you the most during internship?
Fellow interns (Lana, Sherwette, Ahmed) and seniors (too many to name here in one go!)

19. Describe the duration of internship in one word.

20. Describe yourself after completing internship in one word.

* * * * *

31 Minggu Berperasaan Rojak

  1. Working life is actually more exciting and fun than study life. Then again, I work in the area around Kuala Lumpur, and study in the area around Deadsville, so no points for guessing why I enjoy “working life” (more like the life outside of work, LOL).
  2. Though the work can get challenging and, oftentimes, difficult, it seems that I spend more time sleeping during internship than I ever do in the same time at university. It’s nice to not have a job that requires me to spend the wee hours of the morning/night doing work. πŸ™‚
  3. Travelling to clients’ offices is awesome. Being a guy with the attention span of a squirrel (about 2 sec.. hey! balloon!), the almost weekly change in working environment is quite interesting. On top of that, there’s always an awesome place to eat nearby!
  4. Getting around Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding areas by public transportation teaches you patience, perseverance, and requires a not inconsiderable amount of courage and skill. Now that the A(H1N1) virus is up and about, apparently it could kill you too.
  5. So much travelling about made me realize I can’t afford to put off my driving lessons any longer. At least I should KNOW how to drive.. I can figure out getting a car next time.
  6. People come in all shapes and sizes, behaviors and personalities. I love dealing with people; even when they’re difficult you get a chance to work on your diplomatic skills.
  7. Clubbing, pork damn good food, super-duper hot girls, friends who started their internship on 1 June 2009, fast Internet, alcoholic beverages and porn. I’ll miss all this going back to UTP. On the other hand, I’ll get free games, movies, music and porn once I get there!
  8. Yes, I will miss my beloved managers, seniors and colleagues once I leave. They’ve taught me a lot in the (relatively) brief time that I was with them, and I owe them much in the way of helping me grow.
  9. No, I am still in the midst (or should I say, in the beginst?) of doing my final internship report. Curse all this blasted documentation and formal report writing!
  10. Right now I am both relishing and loathing the idea of going back to UTP. HAS YOUR MIND EXPLODED YET?

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2 Responses to Contemplativitivationessillitude

  1. Henry Yew says:

    My mind just imploded.

  2. NJ says:

    H1N1 can kill the elderly(low immune system, having septicemia, etc) and persons with auto immune disease, like SLE and diabetes. It doesn’t kill young, healthy people who contracted common cold.

    Haha so many medical jargon.

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