To and Fro

Photo by ai yah!

Photo by ai yah!

Quickie: My friend has been feeling rather run down lately, so off he goes to the doctor for a checkup. What happened next was probably the most scandalous conversation of the poor doctor’s life:

Doctor: So, how has your sex life been lately?

Friend: OK, I guess. I have sex with my wife twice on weekdays, three times on Sunday.

Doctor: That’s good, I..

Friend: I’m also doing the widow next door every night, and twice on Saturday when my wife’s out for Bingo.

Doctor: I think that’s..

Friend: There’s also the tea lady and typist at work, one during lunch hour, the other in the afternoon.

Doctor: Now see here! You really have to take yourself in hand!

Friend: Of course I do. Once in the morning, and once more before I come home from work.

* * * * *

UTP was closed for the past week due to the A(H1N1) flu scare. A lot of people were coming down sick and masks began cropping up all over campus, so we knew it would only be a matter of time before the university would close down as a precautionary measure. Sure enough, close down it did. Spent a lovely Friday morning rushing to pack, then to lock up whatever I didn’t manage to bring back.

The university is a lovely place when it gets quiet. You can actually hear yourself think for once.

After that, it was an uneventful week off from the humdrum life of university. Other than a meetup with some of the UTPians doing their internship in Kuala Lumpur (still awaiting pix of the gathering from Aaron!), I’ve mostly spent my time at home lazing around.

Will post more as the week progresses. I find myself so stumped on inspiration lately!


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