“Oral” Hygiene

Photo by wsilver

Photo by wsilver

Guys, take note. Your hygiene is important! Especially for your girlfriends!


I was wondering if there is any soap on the market especially for cleaning your penis? I shower every day and use soap, but I am not circumcised and my girlfriend is quite sensitive to smell – especially when performing oral. A strong soap that leaves a long lasting aroma would be great, if there is such a product.

– Rick



While I was surprised to learn that there are plenty of penis-shaped soaps out there, I wasn’t able to dig up much in the way of soaps that cater specifically to penises. I can tell you, however, that if you are going to be performing regular thorough scrubbings, try to use a pH-neutral soap or shampoo, like Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. This will ensure that if any does find its way into your urethra, the ensuing burning feeling will be minimized.

– Donald Zimmer

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2 Responses to “Oral” Hygiene

  1. Henry Yew says:

    Gosh… sheesh… Jared, you too free to look up for such things eh?

  2. Sodrohu says:

    When you mention ‘soap’ and ‘men’ and ‘penis’ I was honestly thinking of something different to the post but otherwise relevant…

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