Photo by yomanimus

Photo by yomanimus

For the uninitiated, the title actually means:

Money Is A Major Issue

Cute, no? 🙂

The term ‘MIAMI’ doesn’t exactly apply to yours truly at the moment. However, when used to coat the tip of a broad brush, and swept across the ICT/BIS students of batch Jan ’06, it describes perfectly the condition of the majority of my friends and colleagues.

Due to unexplained reasons, our monthly living allowance of RM500 has yet to be banked in by PETRONAS’ Education Sponsorship Unit (ESU). As you can imagine, a lot of my friends are having trouble coping. This, coupled with the complete breakdown in communications from the ESU to us on this matter, has led to practically every one of my coursemates being up in arms against this grave injustice.

Under more usual circumstances, the monthly living allowance is banked in about one week before the beginning of the month for which it is alloted. Today is the 19th of August and nothing has come in yet, making this month’s allowance almost one month late!

Of course, the ESU could definitely blame us for overspending and not budgeting properly and all (adults being adults as they are). Still, it doesn’t change the fact that a multinational corporation has slipped up in its responsibilities towards its shareholders, i.e. the students it has chosen to sponsor.

We, the students, have heard more than our fair share from not just the ESU, but also the lecturers and university administrators on the importance of keeping our grades up as part of our responsibilities to our sponsors and varsity. On that note, the ESU must also be reminded that as we are obliged to them, they are obliged to us in turn to provide us with our monthly living allowance on time.

I end this post with a well-worded reminder by Peah, translated for your reading pleasure:

lenkali pliz…
jgn la buat mcm nii..
kalo gaji anda masuk lambat…mcm mane?tentu bising kan…

(Next time, please
don’t do this again.
What if your salary came in late? You’d complain too, wouldn’t you?
Sob sob sob T_T)


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2 Responses to MIAMI

  1. suraya says:

    jared, i nak duit!~

  2. Henry Yew says:

    Strange enough, Jared, it’s only the students who have just returned to UTP from their internship who have yet to receive their usual monthly allowance. As far as I am concerned, I believe I already had mine like a week or two ago.

    I don’t think that’s my internship allowance, for my July allowance will be delayed. I received my June allowance in early August, and got another batch of money deposited into my account soon after. That second batch should be the ESU allowance. Has anybody checked with the ESU?

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