Malaysia’s Fifty-Second

Like most Malaysians, I have a lovehate relationship with this country where I was born.

I love the smorgasbord of food that is to be had at any time of day.

I hate racists, bigots and extremists.

I love the peace and harmony we enjoy.

I hate how lies and half-truths have become part of our culture.

I love fantasizing about Malaysian girls, whatever shade of skin they may be.

I hate affirmative action and racial quotas.

I love the freedom of the Internet, being able to speak my mind without being blocked.

I hate the Internal Security Act, how it can be so easily abused by those with connections.

Photo by Z||Q|Y -zaq

Photo by Z||Q|Y -zaq

I love PETRONAS’ holiday advertisements, Lat’s witty comics, and Yasmin Ahmad’s outstanding films.

I hate corruption and bribery in all its forms.

I love sharing with others the beauty of all things Malaysian.

I hate the small-minded folk who dare call themselves our leaders.

I love the rich tapestry that is the history of our country.

I hate low-life, unprincipled frogs (Perakians, you know damn well who I’m talking about!).

I love the beaches, the jungles, the cities.

I hate the pollution and errant rubbish dumping in these places.

I love viewing the Kuala Lumpur skyline all aglow at night.

I hate the education system and its overemphasis on exam grades.

I love cheap, high-quality Malaysian-made goods.

I hate that imported cars still carry exorbitant taxes, and Proton cars still suck.

I love the progress we’ve made in just over fifty years of independence.

I hate how we often chase after superficial glory instead of doing something productive.

I love that Malaysia is the model for many developing countries.

I hate the blatant ignorance of those higher up about the real rot plaguing our land.

I love durian, mangga, and mata kucing.

I hate our growing attitude of apathy and tidak-apa.

Photo by _gee_

Photo by _gee_

Selamat Hari Merdeka ke-52, Malaysia. Enjoy your independence while it lasts.


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2 Responses to Malaysia’s Fifty-Second

  1. 1wordwonder says:

    nice love-hate thingy……….

    i agree with u

    rep up

  2. kenwooi says:

    so i guess you have a neutral feeling towards malaysia.. since the number of loves and hates are equivalent? =)

    p/s: happy merdeka!

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