Celebrities and Punishment

Photo by Wolfgang Staudt

Photo by Wolfgang Staudt

This house will give harsher punishments to celebrities.

This was the topic of a practice debate session (a.k.a. for fun 😛 ) I took part in just moments ago.

What do you think?

Give yourself a good 5-10 minutes away from this page to think about it.

When you’re done thinking, click the link below to see what us debaters thought.

Yes, celebrities deserve harsher punishments because:

  1. They are capable of tremendous social impact: a celebrity’s actions may be emulated by aspiring fans and idolizers.
  2. They are role models for the general society: children and teenagers look up to celebrities as examples.
  3. It serves as a deterrent effect: since even celebrities are liable to be punished, the general populace will be less likely to commit crimes.
  4. They are the subjects of intense media coverage: media coverage of harsher punishments convey a stronger message that crime will not be tolerated.

No, celebrities should be punished the same as everyone else because:

  1. Harsher punishments serve no purpose: current punishments do the job well enough.
  2. No additional effect on society: current punishments already send message that crime will not be tolerated.
  3. Equality and human rights: no reason to punish celebrities on the pretext that they are “role models” for society alone.
  4. Negative media coverage is punishment enough: celebrities’ reputation is severely affected by media coverage of court proceedings.

So, how did your reasons match up?

Leave a comment below and let’s discuss the issue further. 🙂


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2 Responses to Celebrities and Punishment

  1. kucingsiber says:

    harsher punishment.
    two words = paris hilton. D:

  2. Charles says:

    hmm.. a thought: it will be hard to implement the rule in the first place.. how do we define a celebrity? does one qualify to be one just by appearing once in a newspaper or tv interview? 😛 oh, i havent checked the dictionary on the proper definition, by just by my own understanding, yeah, it will be hard to draw a line 🙂

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