The Cow and the Racists

Photo by robbie jim

Photo by robbie jim

What does it mean to be racially tolerant? What do we mean when we speak of integration? The ideal is not dissimilar to a beautiful bouquet of flowers: so many different types and colors, yet coming together harmoniously in a rainbow of shades. Yet, there are those who would cut off the petals of those flowers that are different; the same ones that give the bouquet its wondrous presentation.

Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock for the past few days, you would know that our locally produced cow’s head controversy [link] has become the talk of the whole country, if not the world. Now the very bedrock of our beloved PM’s 1Malaysia ideal is being threatened by the actions of some very stupid people. Funny you don’t see him all ablaze about all this, like he’s trying to maintain his distance..

Anyway, what I wanted to highlight here was Dr. Azmi Sharom‘s column in The Star Online [link] about the cows (protestors included). His writing is certainly food for thought, and very well-penned at that. An excerpt:

Let’s stamp out racism

THE cow-head protest in Shah Alam last week left me feeling utterly disgusted. The men who organised and participated in that foul act are nothing but rank racists, and by cloaking their activities in a veil of piousness they show themselves to be even more despicable.

Yes, I was furious, but sadly I was not surprised. How can I be and how can anyone else be? We have allowed racists to have their way for so many years now.

Their appalling words and actions get progressively bolder and it just builds and builds until we have these men feeling they have the right to insult another religion in the most vile and brutal manner.

[Read more!]

Clarence also shares his insights into Hishamuddin’s response to the Cow’s Head Controversy. [link] On the other hand, Josiah expresses some hope that things will change for the better [link] on his own blog. They’re both very thought-provoking posts, so yes, I do recommend reading them! 🙂

What about your thoughts on the issue? Leave a comment below to tell me what you think of this mess.


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  1. joe says:

    wow. a really interesting article u highlighted. =) haha. n thanks 4 the highlight. hehe. itz an honor 2 b featured in ur blog. haha

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