The Pornography Debate

Photo by BodogGirl

Photo by BodogGirl

I was having lunch with some friends one day when I had a sudden thought: is porn really all that bad to be illegal?

Okay, so I probably had no business thinking about X-rated stuff over lunch (just how the hell I managed to relate lunch to porn, I’ll have no idea – then again, knowing me..), but it led me to take a more serious look at the potential consequences of porn and why it has become such a focal point of debate about modern human sexuality.

Let’s begin with a look at some benefits apparently conferred by porn, according to two articles [link] and [link]:

Watch and learn
Pornography, or the more acceptable “erotic movie,” can help increase sexual pleasure and desire by providing stimulating visual images of positions and techniques. Not to mention auditory enhancers such as moaning, screaming for more and dirty talk.

[Read more!]

Make it fun, not serious
Porn is about pleasure for everyone. Keeping it light is a good way to approach sex – it should be fun and silly sometimes.

Head south for a long trip
Porn stars often give and receive oral stimulation for quite a while, and this is something you should learn from them.

Choose a variety of locales
Sex in different and sometimes risky locations will spice up your sex life and give you something to think about for weeks.

Play dress up
There are some great outfits in porno movies — though they never stay on for long — that could inspire your girlfriend to try dressing up for your own lovemaking sessions.

[Read more!]

All in all, these reasons show that porn can be a useful tool to strengthen the bond between two people by taking their shared sexual experiences to new heights.

On the other hand, I can almost hear some of you scream, “Porn is evil!” Here are some of the negative effects of porn from a variety of sources:

Exposure to pornography frequently results in sexual illnesses, unplanned pregnancies, and sexual addiction
Pornography sends the message that sex without responsibility is acceptable and desirable.

Exposure to pornography shapes attitudes and values
Pornography that depicts rape and the dehumanization of females in sexual scenes constitute powerful but deforming tools of sex education.

[Read more!]

Pornography is a distorted form of sex education
No responsible doctor would ever send a patient to a pharmacy and say, “Take anything available on the shelf.” And no responsible sex therapist would ever say to a patient who had a specifically focused sexual problem, “Go down to the adult bookstore and help yourself to anything you find there.”

Pornography devalues the importance of marriage as a lasting institution
Sexual addiction can be as devastating to a long-term relationship as drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

[Read more!]

Pornography instills misconceptions about sex
The myth that men should be aggressive and rough during sex and treat women as sex objects is most commonly propagated by porn.

[Read more!]

Pornography is a religious sin
Most religions condemn pornography as an immoral act and prohibit followers from indulging in it.

[Read more!]

On a personal note, having noted the pros and cons of pornography, I believe that we all have our own conceptions (and likewise, misconceptions) about pornography.

Granted, it does possess some usefulness in the way of expanding our sexual horizons somewhat (and I use the phrase broadly here). However, the many risks associated with irresponsible sexual activity are blatantly ignored in porn for the sake of conveying pleasure. On top of that, the proliferation of more extreme and violent porn (bestiality and necrophilia, among others) is a disturbing sign that sexual deviance is becoming more of a norm nowadays.

Hence, if (non-violent) porn is to be used at all as a “sexual enhancer” of sorts in any relationship, it should be used like pharmacy drugs: in careful moderation and with the informed consent of those involved.

Remember though that the possession of pornography in Malaysia is a crime! [link]


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2 Responses to The Pornography Debate

  1. Infectioner says:

    I thought I’m the horniest guy around but thinking porn while having lunch? *bow down to your supremacy”

  2. O says:

    Honey, only during lunch? yeah, right…..

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