My Belt

Photo by tostie14

Photo by tostie14

She looked at me with those big, beautiful eyes of hers. The sparkle behind her pupils belied the fact that here was a girl who knew a thing or two if you let her show you. The corner of her mouth, slightly upturned in a smile, both seemingly mischievous and innocent at the same time, underscoring hidden meanings and unspoken words with a mere gesture that could send men into a rising tidal wave of..

“Hey Jared. You fat dy ah.” *points to my tummy*

😯 “…”

“It’s my belt lah.” *pulls my shirt up a little*


“Huh? What?” *looks* “Hey, Jared’s fat dy..”

😡 “……”


* * * * *

Sangari & Foo, sometimes you both drive me crazy!! Conversation took place clandestinely during Corporate Ethics lecture today. :mrgreen:


About Jared

I am all the awesomesauce you could ever want in a handsome, neat package, and you know it.
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5 Responses to My Belt

  1. kenwooi says:

    must be your tummy lah..
    belt wont make an obvious tummy.. =P

  2. Henry Yew says:

    Hey, you’re fat already! 😀

  3. leslielinda says:

    that’s why i said “u are fatter” the other day. i can never be wrong. hee!

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