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Normality Restored

MSN Messenger conversation between Joanna and I: 🙂 Me: *beep [1] Joanna: Ooh, I see you’re well versed with robot-speak now. Hello to you too, my machine friend. *warble beep boop Hmm, “I come in peace” has 4 tones. “Any … Continue reading

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Machiavelli and UTP

Quickie: I think I have an idea now what’s been making me feel so tired these past few days: campus politics. Lol. The elections for the MPPUTP are over and the results are out, yet things have not truly ended … Continue reading

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Rakan Masjid: A President’s Response

The post entitled “Rakan Masjid in Perspective” [link] looks to have touched a raw nerve among many students in UTP. Again, thank you to those who have taken the time to respond, comment and share their thoughts on the issue … Continue reading

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A Message from the Author..

Voting for the MPPUTP election takes place Wednesday, 28th October 2009. P.S. Meet the Candidates [link]

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MPPUTP in Perspective

Quickie: A big thank you goes out to everyone who took the time to share and discuss their opinions with me on Rakan Masjid in Perspective. I’ve enjoyed the many fulfilling and intellectual chats I’ve had with you, and I … Continue reading

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