Funky Young People?

Photo by Jake Botter

Photo by Jacob Bøtter

Waking up is ordinarily an uninteresting affair for me, unless I happen to wake up next to some random chick I met the night before. In that case, waking up becomes.. fun. Nothing gets me more excited than a bout of early-morning before-breakfast sex. Better than breakfast in bed.

But I digress.

Waking up for me today was fun. That is, if you consider opening your eyes to find a katana aimed at your throat “fun”.

I would’ve scrambled to my feet if not for two reasons: one, the person so sexily wielding the sexy blade was my sexy lecturer, and two, I had no pants on. Not even underpants.

“Rise and shine, sugarplum. Half the day’s gone and you’re still in bed?” She smiled, the corner of her ruby lips curving upwards slightly.

“Shit, it’s only 8am,” I grumbled, not at all that angry at the intrusion. “You’d better have a damn good reason for waking me up.” I paused a moment, adding “Ma’am” rather belatedly.

She sheathed the sword in a scabbard hanging by her side. I scratched my head, rubbed my eyes open and peered sleepily up at her. She was dressed in a very serious-looking business suit, the seriousness of which was drastically offset by the fact that it clung to her like a wet t-shirt. On top of that, her cleavage showed. It was calling to me..

She startled me from my reverie with a single spoken sentence. “Do you know what day it is today, dear?”

“The first anniversary of our fucking?” I felt myself turn red even as those words left my mouth.

If it were any other man she would’ve cut him up into bite-sized cubes already, but she merely gave me a smirk. She also shook her head.

“I give up.”

“You barely tried. It’s October 12th – that date mean anything to you?”

I was quiet as the gears in my mind turned, clanked and squeaked. My mouth opened to speak for itself in lieu of my brain: “The submission date of my interim report?”

She bent over and patted me on the head. I was going to swat her hand away, but the chance to glimpse at her melons was too much to pass up.

“Clever boy,” she said in that condescending tone she used with all her other regular students. “How’s progress been?”

“Slow,” I admitted sheepishly. “But I think it can be done. I’ll get it printed after lunch.”

She smiled at me impishly, letting the great blade rest against my bedroom wall. “I knew you had it in you, my pet. Shall we have breakfast?”

“Only if I get to pick the place.”

“Done. Where did you have in mind?”

I couldn’t refrain from smiling as I told her the words: “Right here.”

She looked puzzled, if only for a moment. When the realization dawned upon her I swear her face positively glowed.

* * * * *

I really should continue writing this post, but I have a slut lady in my room and chocolate syrup on the dining table. One’s getting cold and the other’s melting from the heat.

Like I said: better than breakfast in bed. 🙂


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3 Responses to Funky Young People?

  1. wei han says:

    interesting story.. lol

  2. O says:

    Now tell me it was not that sexy black top I showed you! Busty, huh?

  3. yiwei says:

    OOOOH fascinating 🙂

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