Road Trip fo’ Dinner

Quickie: Warning, this is a damn long post. 😀

Photo by Corey Leopold

Photo by Corey Leopold

Our Corporate Ethics lecturer just had us a lovely tea party of sorts after her replacement class on Wednesday evening, including two whole cakes – one fruit and one chocolate.

Sometime while I was devouring half the buffet table, I was approached by a friend. He invited me to join him and a few others for a Sushi King dinner in Ipoh. Apparently, the famous chain was offering discounted prices on its sushi, and these hardcore sushi lovers were going down to savor the Japanese delicacy.

Naturally, I said yes.


Wheelman: Khairil ‘Keane’ Hafizi [blog]
Sushiman: Muhammad Zulhilmi “Bido” Abdullah
MP4man: Haneef “Anep” Isa [blog]
and, of course
Awesomesauceman: Jared “Jay” Ee

How can I describe the trip? Let me count the ways:

Chapter I: The Departed

We left UTP in Keane’s car around 7:30pm after a brief stop at the mosque for evening prayers. A quick stop at Shell for supplies (for the car and ourselves) we were on our way! Numerous topics of conversation cropped up during the 40-odd minute journey to Ipoh, such as Russell Peters, music, and plain ol’ random chit-chat.

Chapter II: Throngs and Longs

Finding our way to Jusco was easy. In fact, we reached the mall around 8:30pm. Not so easy was getting to Sushi King. There were so many people lined up out in front of the restaurant that the entire corridor was jam-packed!

We were in a dilemma. Could we actually manage to get in before Sushi King closed down at 10pm? 😐

Chapter III: Boys and their Toys

Turns out Anep needed to buy something from Jusco as well. Keane and Bido offered to wait in line while I accompanied Anep to get his stuff – such gentlemen indeed!

I never expected Anep to end up buying a new MP4 player for himself though! It was a sleek black number by Sony, and it was the last one that they had left.

On top of the player, earphones, lanyard and one-year warranty, Anep also received a pair of Sony-branded computer headphones free. Talk about lucky!

Heading back to Sushi King, we returned to Keane and Bido. The crowd hadn’t thinned in the slightest in the 15 or so minutes that we weren’t there, so the two decided that it would be almost impossible for us to secure a seat before 10pm. It was pretty disappointing, though it couldn’t be helped.

Seeing how we were in Jusco, we decided to make the most of the situation and get groceries from the supermarket. Keane got McDonald’s for his lovely girl [blog], while Anep and I got sushi for ourselves. I know, it’s nothing like what Sushi King has, but it was a consolation in its own. *grins*

Chapter IV: Darker than Black

And that’s when the most interesting thing happened. While we were calculating the prices for a packet of instant noodles – practically debating in the aisle – the entire shopping complex went black. I mean black as in completely lights out, poof!

It was like this black, but blacker!

It was like this black, but blacker!

I’ve lived in Ipoh for 20 years and it was the first time I had been in a shopping mall when it blacked out! Less than half a minute later the emergency lights came on. Too bad the shop owners all had to close down though.

Also there were the moviegoers – a grumbling, disappointed bunch of people trudging wearily down the escalators, now offline. Imagine reaching the climax of the movie only to have the whole thing cut off! If I were in their shoes I’d be pretty angry too.

Seeing how most of Jusco was closing down, we decided to leave too. Good thing we were just done with our shopping! And it was just as good that we didn’t get to eat at Sushi King too – otherwise we’d have to leave before we had our share of the cheap sushi! What a blessing in disguise indeed.

Chapter V: Food for Tummies

We settled on a place in Greentown Business Centre called Laksamana Cheng Ho, after the Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho who helped cement trade relations between China and the Sultanate of Malacca in the early 15th century. The restaurant serves mainly Chinese-style dishes, but they’re all halal and consumable by Muslims too.

I opted on the very vague-sounding Japanese Garlic Fried Rice. As it turns out, the list of ingredients that went into making this dish is pretty long!

  • Egg
  • Prawns
  • Vegetables
  • Papadum (traditional Indian snack)
  • Mushrooms
  • Chicken
  • Fried rice
  • Sliced tomatoes
  • Sliced cucumbers

..for seven bucks I thought it was quite a good deal. I can’t quite remember what Keane, Anep and Bido ordered, but they were very satisfied with their food as well. All in all, a really feel good meal!

Chapter VI: Homecoming

After that, the day was over. It was time for us to go home. Bundling into the car with the loot of the day, Keane took us home. On the way though, I couldn’t help but say a few things that made him laugh at unintended double meanings.

Examples include:

“I’ve got McDonald’s hanging between my legs.” Bag of McDonald’s food hanging behind the front passenger seat + Me sitting behind the front passenger seat = Me spreading my legs apart to not crush the bag of McDonald’s food.

“Somebody’s got a new toy.” Referring to Anep’s new MP4 player. Maybe it was the way I said it that made him laugh.

I remember saying some other things too, but I can’t recall what I said specifically. Keane, Anep, Bido, help? 😛

We reached UTP close to midnight. I had a lot of fun with my fellow three Heroes, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next time we go on a trip like this!


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2 Responses to Road Trip fo’ Dinner

  1. Anep Isa says:

    We practically talked about like a zillion stuffs! Couldnt remember everything though. It was disappointing that the black out was just for less than a minute. I would have spanked some arses and stole some foods if it was longer. Dayum

  2. Henry Yew says:

    The way you say things is always wrong! 😛

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