Rakan Masjid in Perspective

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Edit [27 October 2009]: The President of Rakan Masjid has responded to my article on his blog here [link]. The response is written in Malay, so I am currently working with my friends to get it translated into English as well for better understanding. Keep posted here for more details as they come!

Edit [28 October 2009]: The response by the President of Rakan Masjid is now available in English, exclusively brought to you by The Awesomesauce Times! Have a look-see here: [link]

Meantime, have a read of this article on how to deal with conflicts in communication: [link] Remember, we’re all learning as we move along, so keep an open mind! =)

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Photo by haneefisa

Photo by haneefisa

Moving on, let’s discuss RM. Among us UTPians, RM can be quite the hot topic at times. When big, glamorous events are just around the corner, you are sure to hear students discussing RM. In fact, it is usually during times like that when RM becomes a major issue.

Being something that is very widely discussed, RM is also widely associated with a lot of problems. People of all races, religions and backgrounds can relate to the issues regarding RM, as they have been affected by them in one way or another.

Wait a minute, you think I’m talking about money? As in RM = Ringgit Malaysia?

Actually, the RM to which I am referring more times than is really necessary stands for Rakan Masjid, literally “Friends of the Mosque”. It is an organization that succeeds at being ubiquitous and mysterious at the same time and, quite frankly, has garnered a reputation of notoriety among students in UTP despite its noble objectives.

Perceptions of Rakan Masjid

I can already hear the skeptics railing against me for using the word “noble”. Well, according to a friend of mine (who was a member of RM for a time), the organization is:

“..a student body that carries the responsibility to introduce and apply Islam in their programs for students – regardless of their religion and beliefs – to teach them about the Islamic lifestyle and increase their awareness about Islam.”

(Rakan Masjid official website [link])

So why is it that a substantial number of UTP students, especially among non-Muslims, have a negative perception of RM?

“Excessively free, excessively busybody, excessively unaware of where their limits are, sometimes excessively unreasonable.”

“People who have no sense of accountability.”

“They’re the police that nobody asked for; they should channel their energies into fixing their studies first before policing us.”

Sure, three people quoted here doesn’t seem like “a substantial number”, but go around the general population of UTP and ask them just what they think about RM. You’ll find for many of them their answers don’t stray very far from what you’ve read above.

A reason for this shift in perception would be incidents involving RM and the non-Muslims. One of the most prominent of these was a large-scale Valentine’s Day operation about a year back, which you can read more about at [link]. Incidents like these do nothing to boost or improve the image of RM among UTPians.

To be fair, there are those who do think that RM is still a good organization; it’s just that they have become skewed from their original path:

“Rakan Masjid for me, are a group of people with good intentions, but they just don’t have the right method of approaching others around them. It’s like they’re trying to show a good example to students, but at the same time they don’t really mingle with the students themselves.”

So people do agree RM has been going overboard, but for different reasons. Non-Muslims may view RM’s actions as religious fanaticism or extremism, whereas to Muslims RM is merely trying to fulfil its role as an elder brother that advises them.

The Way I See Rakan Masjid as a Non-Muslim

As a non-Muslim myself, I don’t intend to say much about RM’s role in advising other Muslims; as highlighted in a recent Corporate Ethics lecture, Muslims are encouraged to advise those who have strayed from the path. It is when RM crosses the line and begins to “advise” non-Muslims as well – I use the term broadly here – that it has overstayed its welcome.

Among other things about RM that cheese me off:

1. RM is not under the jurisdiction of the Student Support Services Department as all other clubs are, but under the UTP Mosque Administration Unit instead. Why the distinction?

2. There are no other official religion-oriented associations in UTP besides RM, not even for Buddhists, Hindus and Christians. Why aren’t we allowed to have fellowships between our brothers and sisters the way RM encourages Muslim students to remain united?

3. Certain events that involve band competitions or performing artistes are blacklisted by RM as “hedonistic”, and flyers are handed out to students outside the event “to remind them of their obligations”. Isn’t that jeopardizing the success of events that were meticulously planned and carried out by a committee composed of many races and religions? Is it right to put down the work of others?


Perhaps the beginnings of RM lie in a noble cause. Yet, somewhere down the line RM has come to be associated with the extremist side of Islam: intolerant, hardliner and backwards.

While it’s true that just about anyone can criticize, complain and comment, it’s equally true that only the greatest among us are able to absorb such things and change for the better. RM, for your own good, take heed of what has been said and change.

* * * * *

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42 Responses to Rakan Masjid in Perspective

  1. Charles says:

    It’s like having internet is great and handy if you want to research your homework/assignments.. but if you use it for illegal hacking, watch childporn, etc, you’ve stepped out of line.

    Thank you very much Jared for putting in words what I feel about RM for a long time. Every single word.

  2. joe says:

    FANTASTIC!! this is a pretty good review of RM. I do hope that this has a positive impact on any member who reads this.

  3. redblaque says:

    i think they’re under the masjid admin bcos they’re basically the ‘youth force’ of the masjid admin.. thus, RAKAN masjid. it’s not a club, just that these RM ppl are the ones who does the PR so Muslim students would want to be involved in masjid activities, charities and so on. they welcome other religions/races as well.

    since it’s not a club, it should be fair that there arent any religious clubs allowed. i believe my Christian friends have formed some kind of a fellowship with support from the local churches they go to.. should be no problem. RM’s funds come from the masjid, not from the uni.

    the ‘-ve perceps’ abt RM above is a bit distasteful, i hope they don’t come from a university student.

    1Malaysia, people. 🙂

  4. Jared says:


    What you’ve said about RM not being a club explains a lot of things for me, and I think that’s fair enough. Then again, when was the last time you heard of Christian / Hindu / Buddhist students walking around, “advising” those who are not of the same religion?

    I’m not saying that Islam is bad, backwards, etc, and neither do the negative perceptions mentioned above. However, that false image of Islam – as a religion of extremism and intolerance – continues to persist precisely because of a few bad eggs like RM going around imposing their will on non-Muslims.

    1Malaysia is about accepting other races and religions, not just tolerating. It’s a concept that must work both ways to have any validity at all. 🙂

  5. suzie says:

    Well, I think, I should and obligated to answer your question. but, hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a RM and I never a part of their organization-technically.

    1) about the distinction of the RM and other student bodies. Well, it is clear that the RM itself has the different objective and point of view to act as a student body. Where other student body are not focusing and aim for the religion matter, the organization has to be under Mosque admin since the one who has more Islamic knowledge is there in the administration. We are no perfect and the RM-ians also are not perfect. So, they require more knowledgeable person to guide and advice them. Not that I’m saying that muslims in the SSSD are not knowledgeable about their religion, but at some point any religion has their own religion leader or priest. In this case, we are referring to imaam and clearly, these imaams in UTP have a lot of knowledge about Islam. Thus, i think that’s the main reason why.

    2) Why other religion is not allowed? Maybe you can check on our federal constitutions. Article 11 clause 1 –
    Every person has the right to profess and practice his religion and, subject to Clause (4), to propagate it.

    Clause 4 :
    State law and in respect of the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Lubuan, federal law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.

    according classes that i’ve joined (Malaysian Studies) other religion cannot expose their teaching openly like what Muslim did. So, i think, that’s the reason why UTP don’t have such organization for other religion.

    3) For me, IT IS NOT RIGHT TO PUT DOWN OTHER’S WORK N EFFORT but, you must know and respect also the RM duty to expand the awareness TO THE MUSLIM on the effect of going to such events. It is meant for muslim anyway for all the hedonistic things. For me, sometimes I do irritated by their method like so busy body, but hey, that’s how it is. It is the same when someone told us to do things right, and we feel so no easy with this fella just because he’s asking us to do different way than we used to do. Like your mother nagging on stuff u did wrong, and later, u realize how important the nagging. But here, since the RM are just like us, same age, more or less, we take their advices lightly. I remember my teacher used to said, look at what they are delivering not who they are. You yourself determine what’s best for you provided you have guidance. If you want to make a choice, you don’t just go and make the choice. A proper way is taking weigh of any causes when the choice is made.

    Lastly, like in the post, I am agree RM are people with good intention but do it with wrong method. I know it coz I’ve experienced it~

    adios~ cheers!

  6. Jared says:


    Thank you for sharing! It’s very interesting to obtain such an in-depth perspective on these issues. 😀

  7. kersani says:

    I’m a muslim and i have a few number of RM friends who are good, responsible and mostly advising us with a really acceptable way. And i know most of the students realize that not all RM members are like that ‘annoying’.

    But i do agree with the writer’s opinion having that sometimes, their acts do not truly reflect what Islam is all about. Hey, i’m no expert about this, but i sure do know as in to make aware of others with your idea, you should listen to others first.

    Nak tegur student pakai short tak menutup aurat, at least pegi lah main futsal dengan diorg. Barulah nasihat tu boleh dipakai. Kalau main bola tak penah, makan-makan pun tak penah, hang out skali pun tak penah, rasa-rasa student terima ke ‘advice’ tu?

    Just my two cents though.


  8. redblaque says:

    hi jared,

    some friends from other religions have advised me in the past personally.. some of them are really born nice.. hehehe. of course, they advise about good things such as refraining from bad behaviours etc. so i think.. it actually goes to everyone.

    remember, the Muslim principal of “advising” good moral is through 3 main ways:
    1)the tongue (verbal/written reminder),
    2)the hands (thru actions, stop bad things with ur hands somethn like that),
    3)the heart (thru prayers/thoughts in the hopes that the person will change to a better person)

    if (1) fails, go to (2). if (2) fails, the least u can do is (3).

    the problem with RM is that they don’t really get a clear msg to all.. for now every Muslim student should at least have a bit of understanding of what importance RM is. not many non-Muslims have background on the concept of “spreading good, battling the bad” (amal makruf nahi mungkar) in Islam, so the actions by RM get a lot of misunderstanding. RM even sometimes don’t do well in their exhibitions/roadshows..! the exhibition materials are often not very informative and i even as a Muslim don’t feel very welcomed to be interested in them.

    i hope my RM friends improve and not be discouraged with negativities thrown at them.. best of luck! 1Malaysia.

  9. Jared says:


    I was briefly exposed to the concept of ‘amal makruf nahi mungkar’ in Corporate Ethics in addition to the Islamic principles of advising good morals, so I do have some basic level of understanding of these ideas.

    It’s not that I disagree with these principles, rather that “the problem with RM is that they don’t really get a clear msg to all”, as you said. The way I see it, their intentions are good, but there is a problem in the methods they use to realize those intentions. In the end, misunderstandings occur and this contributes to the overall negative perception of RM, especially among non-Muslims.

    In conclusion, I do whole-heartedly agree with you for our colleagues in RM to “improve and not be discouraged with negativities thrown at them”. 😀

  10. izzi says:

    Its not like they mean any harm. Its like what redblaque posted, (but isn’t it, using your hands first, followed by the tongue then only by the heart? the order’s mixed up.) 🙂

    but who could forget the widespread hedonism campaign before euphonious last year? slashed banners and all! i honestly thought that euphonious was abit on the lame side…considering, uhh, nobody was even standing up? we were cheering for their talents! that even cannot???

    i think they also forgot that not everybody has the same background as they have. sure, some people were brought up well in Islam, have strong, religious parents and so forth. some people do not. the way you approach people with different background and different religion as you is through respect. i think they may have failed that aspect, seeing they do put down the work of others, they lack the tolerance one would expect necessary in a university, and their approach can be termed as “extreme”.


    1Malaysia all the way!

  11. RM says:

    mm… if i just ignore what they say, what they can do to me? punch? write down my name and pass to Chancellor? or saman? haha!

  12. RM says:

    Even police wanna invite you to the police station, or take any action on you, they must show the official document or warrant.

    these people are way bigger than the police and trying to force people (non-muslim) to follow what they want.

    sounds like Gangster. haha!

  13. kenwooi says:

    never heard of “Rakan Masjid” before.. interesting writeup but I’ve no comment on this issue since I’ve never experienced anything with them.. =)

  14. SociallyAware says:

    Interesting discussion here. However there are some things I would like to address here:

    1. I view this post as only a review on RM as a collective body, not an attack on Islam or muslims.
    2. Statistically speaking, RM IS a poor representation of Islam to UTP, especially to non-muslims. FACT.
    3. In their many efforts to advice students, they actually publish many articles based on “fatwas”, which according to many of my muslim frens, is dangerous to follow and might not be an accurate representation of the actual teachings of the Quran and Hadith. Doesn’t that actually bring the credibility of RM into question?
    4. Take for example their scathing attack on Euphonious. It completely lacks common sense. The article published talked about the guitar looking like a woman’s body and the drums being able to stimulate sexual arousal (that article too, was labelled as a fatwa by themselves).
    5. Finally, we cannot talk about 1Malaysia when even the practice of religion itself is not equal, and I don’t even have to get started on race. 1Malaysia has already been talked about since Dato Onn Jaafar’s time. When will we keep letting racist people influence the way we think (this has completely nothing to do with RM)?

    In conclusion, it’s time for them to change and stop misrepresenting the religion of Islam to us. The more knowledgeable of us would know that’s not what Islam is, but there are many who don’t and are still impressionable.

    No offence, cheers~

  15. AnaMuslim says:

    Peace be with you..
    Alhamdulillah,Praise be to Allah SWT for guiding us the way He wish.

    After reading through this article,it is very clear for me to make you UNDERSTAND the things that you refuse to UNDERSTAND.

    1- You are talking in the condition of YOU are non-muslim (considering you are full of IGNORANCE to understand the message of Islam),hence you said something that you know NOTHING about it..

    2- You blamed other organizations which you feel not comfortable with.RECALL!You hope RM will give much consideration towards non-muslims when objecting the issues of ‘hedonistic’ events..DO understand,the way you support or agree with such events (hedonisme) are much more annoying to those Muslims, because you DO NOT consider them at all…Yes, we do not concern about your rights as non-muslims,but doest mean we agree and we allow you to do anything you want..we concern the Muslims as an ‘Ummah’, NOT individually..

    3- To be continued..I can be reached through my email (only if you are open minded enough to uphold what is right and what is wrong). InshaAllah..Allah’s Willings…

  16. izzi says:

    Dear AnaMuslim,
    I am a Muslim. That first few sentences makes me appalled that you are one too. How do you expect anybody to respect you (and our Religion) when you’ve just insulted someone, who I know for a fact tries to understand this issue from all viewpoints?

  17. leslielinda says:

    Quoting Mr AnaMuslim: “Yes, we do not concern about your rights as non-muslims,but doest mean we agree and we allow you to do anything you want..we concern the Muslims as an ‘Ummah’, NOT individually…”

    I sense heavy contradiction here. It’s either you are trying to prove how much you do not care about the feelings of those who have different beliefs from you or it’s that your own understanding towards pure Islamic values are faulty.

    Dear AnaMuslim, you need to understand this much: Religious understanding and even one’s principles with regards to the Creator are very subjective. There’s no specific rule of thumb saying if you believe in certain stuffs that will certainly make you holier than others. It comes back to your own principles and how you embrace your own life in accordance to what you strongly believe in. And we can’t force other people to believe the same. Religion is, after all, your own personal walk with God.

    Certainly I do not approve religious arguments or in some extreme cases, religious wars for I think they are a waste of time. Plus see how many people died from such wars. Mostly are innocent people who are yet to enjoy and understand the true meaning of their life in this world.

    Why, we can learn to tolerate and respect others if we want to. That is, nicely put, the choice is in your hands.

  18. leslielinda says:

    ah, sorry for the “Mr”, I assume right away you are a male. :p

  19. dehaq says:

    wow, finally someone i knew came out with this post. haha. Once I’ve tried to wrote about it but hesitation grows and kills the intention. i guess no one is wrong here, everyone got their own opinion to shared. and this is my humble 2cents;

    as a muslim myself, its a good practice to have RM around and act like a big brother to us (muslim), i agree with the idea of Amar makruf nahi mungkar. but, RM needs to address the intention properly. a good approach would gain respect from other people, not from we muslim our self but the non-muslim too. a piece of advise,adults are not like child, children needs a spanking and get scolded once in a while in order to teach them. the approach is different. but be a kind+cool brother instead, a brother who GUIDES their young siblings. lets hope the best for everyone. btw nice post Jared. cerious!

  20. RM says:

    hey anna,

    “DO understand,the way you support or agree with such events (hedonisme) are much more annoying to those Muslims, because you DO NOT consider them at all…”

    when ppl are not considering them, are they trying to use “power” to force ppl to concern about them? Hey, where’s the rule? i think you’re the rule, trying to be ruler in UTP.

    well, i think u can just do that in UTP, don’t you?

  21. mich says:

    AnaMuslim: “Yes, we do not concern about your rights as non-muslims,but doest mean we agree and we allow you to do anything you want..

    Like you have a choice in agreeing to and allowing us to do anything we want. Do you seriously think you have a say in this matter?

    You may parade your religion around and hold it high above your heads (it is not wrong and no one can stop you) but to meddle in our lives by objecting “hedonistic” events is too much, don’t you think? And why dub events like Talent Search and Euphonious as “hedonistic” anyway? We are trying to have a LIFE here in university, if you haven’t noticed.

    I was involved in the recent Talent Search and there was – what I assume – an attempt to sabotage the event. Let’s just say that when you cross RM and MedTech, a lot of dirty work can be done. And what can you get from sabotaging the finalists of Talent Search? Have some tact, respect the finalists and if you still want to sabotage someone just to feel better (which is a sin btw), target the committees; I’m sure they are looking forward to it.

  22. keane says:

    “AnaMuslim : the way you support or agree with such events (hedonisme) are much more annoying to those Muslims, because you DO NOT consider them at all…

    Hurm, do I sense that you are trying to be some kind of representative to the Muslim? Because I feel that you are just representative your so called “KRONI”.

    I as a Muslim feels that the way you are replying to this post is just too overreacting. I think this man is just asking for anyone to help him understand the real issue. If you may read RausyanFikir.com, you may find out that some of the Muslim have better understanding and have voice out their issue towards this issue also.

    Trying to be extremist is not the way to act upon other religions. We hope that “islamophobia” is gone but the way you and the other RMs are acting right now are suggesting different thing.

    I hope you, AnaMuslim can muhasabah yourself to understand why even the Malays are against you as well. I’m not just referring to those who are involve in so called “hedonistic” events, but some religous students also.

  23. me says:

    nice post jared… all i know from the subject Sejarah (that is of no whatsoever use)is that quote Islam tidak memaksa unquote.. i personally x see that now..

  24. krepek kentang~~ says:

    poyo r ana~~
    tegur x srupa bikin!!
    haprak ja lebih.. pirahh!!!

  25. Diaz says:

    I would suggest an interfaith understanding conference is conducted in UTP especially, whereby, each representative form each religion discuss and elucidate about their religion understanding…by this way, everyone would know each beliefs and understand ; why they do this, why they do that etc…..

    btw, for me RM has a pure intention to mould up Muslims’ character and promote Islamic way of life to the Muslims around UTP,

    Curious about Islam?, log on to:

    p/s: I don’t think hedonism is really approved by any religion…

  26. mee says:

    1. AnaMuslim : “You are talking in the condition of YOU are non-Muslim (considering you are full of IGNORANCE to understand the message of Islam),hence you said something that you know NOTHING about it..” -Disagree-

    Yes, perhaps the non-Muslims are talking bout something that they know NOTHING about but it is also the fact that the RM are sort-of making/forcing them to follow the Islam way of teaching/life (which as mentioned by AnaMuslim that the non-Muslims know NOTHING about) that annoys the non-Muslims.

    2. SociallyAware : “Take for example their scathing attack on Euphonious. It completely lacks common sense. The article published talked about the guitar looking like a woman’s body and the drums being able to stimulate sexual arousal (that article too, was labelled as a fatwa by themselves).” -Agree-

    What? So now Muslims are not even allowed to play musical instruments just because it looks like a woman’s body?? And drum gives sexual arousal is so irrational. How can you stop people (ie: Muslims) from learning musical instruments??

  27. Kaka says:

    Just paste RM president writing


  28. renovatio says:

    im always wondering. why dont RM stop the university admin biggies to approve such ‘hedonistic’ events in the first place? more trees can live much longer that way. im quite sure them biggies have a much better understanding of these religious issues, i mean them being older and wiser. 🙂

  29. kersani says:

    Again, all these comments are triggering me to voice out something, well should i say be voiced out a really loooooooongg time ago???

    Please, please and please. I know there are readers here who are disturbed here by Jared’s writing. Admit it! Me too was offended a little bit coz his telling the ugly truth of our Muslim friends. Jared, this is my personal feeling, can’t help it. Nevertheless, I do see you understand it.

    BUT my Muslim friends, let’s open our mind. Somebody have been telling us that we are wrong in conducting our dakwah. Shouldn’t we take it positively? The words can be any words, I might say the writer or anyone else may use more offensive words in the future, but for how long are we gonna do the same mistakes? Blaming others for telling the truth.

    My point is, be rational, relevant and flexible. Shaping a character of a human being has never been easy. I do agree hedonism in any meanings is totally wrong. But do we offer alternatives to that? Do we ask the students are they entertained my ‘Islamic entertainment’?

    Let’s create a good relation between us all. Perhaps, we can learn something from others. Even better, we could acquire more respect from the non-Muslims as well. After all, Islam pays a high attention to the Muslims who builds a good relation with the non-Muslim.

    Respect each other, it’s simple my dear friends…

  30. Humbleman says:

    Lets read this thoroughly..

    Almighty God is Compassionate, Loving and Merciful. The essence of falsehood is the claim that God cannot deal with and forgive His creatures directly. By over-emphasizing the burden of sin, as well as claiming that God cannot forgive you directly, false religions seek to get people to despair of the Mercy of God. Once they are convinced that they cannot approach God directly, people can be mislead into turning to false gods for help. These “false gods” can take various forms, such as saints, angels, or someone who is believed to be the “Son of God” or “God Incarnate”.

    The original, unchanged revelations given to Abraham and other prophets(like Moses and Jesus ) reaching back to Adam all came from the One True God(The Creator). This common origin explains their similarities in many beliefs and values

    However, over time the teachings of the various religions, due to a variety of reasons, have become distorted and mixed with made-man ideas.

    The last Prophet and Messenger of God, Muhammad , who is a direct descendant of Abraham through his first born son, Ishmael, was sent with the Last Guidance, Revelation and Testament, the Holy Qur’an(koran) to amend and correct the changes and corruption made to the the “Torah” which was sent to Moses and theTrue Gospel of Jesus.To say the truth ,God preserved all the other Holy Books plainly by preserving His Last Book the Holy Qur’an(koran)which contains the right and the truth of all that was changed in those other Books.

    This is why this last Revelation which was sent 1423 years ago has remained unchanged, not even a word or a letter has been altered.

    There is not even one word of difference between two Arabic Qur’ans, anywhere in the world. There has been no disagreements in history among Muslims as to what should and should not be in the Qur’an. However, in the case of the Bible, even the most ancient manuscripts conflict with one another so that no two are identical. Footnotes in all modern versions of the Bible prove this fact.

    These revisions serve as concrete proofs that all the Biblical books are not at all divinely inspired. This is because it is beyond man’s ability to correct the work of his Creator, who alone is Almighty and perfect

    It was only natural for Almighty God to preserve the scripture revealed to Prophet Muhammad, because he was the last Prophet and Final Messenger of God.

    Islam teaches us that we must pray directly to God without an intermediary and no soul can bear the burden of another and that the nature of humanity is good, and we did not inherit sin from Adam. Each soul comes into being free of sin.in Islam there are no priests or clergy — each worshipper, man or woman, has a direct relationship with their Merciful Creator — Almighty God. Since God is the Owner and Sustainer of everything, as well as the only one who can provide true and complete forgiveness, it is completely futile to try to approach Him through anyone else.

    The oneness and universality of God’s message requires that people accept all the messengers of God. Rejecting one of them amounts to rejecting them all. The Jews reject Jesus’s mission and Muhammad’s mission; the Christians reject Muhammad’s mission; whereas the Muslims accept them all, but reject incorrect historical interpretations and human elements in these missions.

    As the Qur’an is the final revelation and Muhammad is the final prophet, humanity is obligated to accept it: “If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost all spiritual good” (3:86).

    The Final Prophet Muhammad said: “Whoever believes there is no god but God, alone without partner, that Muhammad is His messenger, that Jesus is messenger of God, and that Paradise and Hell are true, shall be received by God into Heaven.”

    you can do that now as you are reading these lines is to pronounce the two confirmations and attestations of faith, here it is


    The right picture of lslam is conveyed in the Qur’an, which is exemplified by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The reality is that it is not fair to judge a religion by the actions of its followers alone because there are good and bad followers in every religion. The correct thing to do is to judge a religion by its documented revelation from God and the prophet who brought that revelation.

    I encourage Christians and other religions to learn about Islam from Muslim sources and The Basis Of The Muslim Belief and not rely on second hand information which in many cases is distorted or contains a deep seated anti Muslim agenda. This is indeed a more scholarly approach

  31. andy_boy says:

    erm…here i just wan 2 ask…

    do u guys even know why the events labeled as “hedonism” was and will be organized by UTP???

    why dont u guys find out first n then share it with us…

    both the RM and not RM…
    then maybe this discussion will become more interesting as we will become aware of the origin of this so called “hedonism”….

  32. personwhoconcern says:

    hello, from what i read, there so many things that being discussed, well, me myself as a muslim, a rm member(proud to b one)..was very thankful to the perosn who write these things..because i didnt really know about what non-malay thought about us, i mean-muslims not malay..there are a huge different between a malay n a muslim..but thats not the thing that i want to focus on..well, first we should look on what the things that Islam ask muslims to obey~please write the things that you understand, not the thing that you only know on the surface..the approaches that being done, well, i think is the best way..what would you think if rm do it in more serious way n even more strict than this..by that time you would be thankful bcos having current rm committee..

    secondly, let looks what happen outside utp..why so many people get involve in moral issues..because no one care about it, i mean the one who have power, did not really care, i sometime they even support it.. the fact is, there were lot of female were got pregnant without mrriage when new year celebration were held, when valentine’s day n what so ever(i’m not saying valentine’s day support adultery)..

    but, look inside utp..we’re the youth, what we cannot do outside, at least we prevent it inside the utp..it is enough to see university student get involve in moral issues..why?? there are also an educated person..why cant they think..??

    if there is no one prevent than the things will become worst..lokk into what Islam thought Muslims to do before giving comments that that can make us feel offend..

    i’m sorry if my word are a bit harst..plss..we are doing all this just for our brotherhood..

    prevention is better than cure..


  33. -lyng- says:

    Very well said, I would say. This piece actually gives a very detailed insight of what people like us feel deep down.

    For me personally, I have nothing against RM. Until it gets ugly.

    #1. This RM friend of mine (coursemate) goes around ‘advising’ muslims and non-muslims not to have partners, if you get what I mean. Because it will lead to more sins. Well I accept his/her explanation. Couples would tend to date in secluded places, things might turn ugly then. I believe you do understand what he/she is trying to say. I agree.

    Verdict = He/she got himself/herself a girlfriend/boyfriend the following semester.
    I’ve got nothing to say.

    I mean, if you can’t practice what you preach, then how are the people whom you are going to advice take heed and change?

    Why let some rotten eggs cause the whole basket of eggs to turn bad?

    Do not be too extreme, but rather, advice your brothers and sisters out of love.

    I’ve said much.

  34. HsL says:

    nice article..sensitive yet open minded..oh well honestly speaking we cant live a life free from any problems..but as for now i guess i’m pretty happy that the uni doesn’t have anything bad in particular (touch wood) e.g earthquakes and bla bla bla and what not..sometimes i wonder people want their OWN lives to be perfect..but what about others too??at the end of the day we’re still humans with DIFFERENT brains thus DIFFERENT lifestyles..we have the privilege to make our own choices..but rather are we able to make that choice that’s the question..

  35. Humbleman says:





    ” I will never see the light of Islam and its teaching if I look at the Muslims today..but my determination has led me to discover Islam, and Islam is the only WAY OF LIFE.And I die not as Muslim…converter”

    and DO NOT blame RAKAN MASJID as they did what a good Muslims should do.However, weaknesses are still there..nothing is perfect..This is the obligatory of every Muslims, to both Muslims and non-Muslims..

    Nothing much..

    Hopefully, Allah guides all non-Muslims to accept the Faith that ‘There is NO GOD but Allah, and Mohamed is the Messenger of Allah..’

    Go and do your study about Islam.What Islam is? What is the message of Islam? and most importantly, what does ISLAM says about non-Muslims and who are you in sight of Allah..

    I do not represent Rakan Masjid in pointing this notes, but this is the real message..


  36. HsL says:

    pointing fingers at each other wouldn’t really solve anything would it?why not take this article as a catalyst to bridge the gap (which is claimed to be close) not only between religions, races and cultures [the list could go on till tomorrow]. telling others about one’s own benefit of his or her religion might just stir more issues. my personal belief is to start within and pointing the finger at ourselves (including myself) to have a better understanding of each other. besides, every religion i do believe are for peace and harmony. so why argue? and why even get angry at each other?

    cheers people~

    “LOSERS say something must be done, WINNERS say I must do something~!”

  37. keane says:

    Dear RMs & the Pros,

    I think what most of us is trying to say is not that we don’t want you to do what ever that has been a must to Muslim, which is Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar (to practice what is good and told by Islam and to leave out the forbidden by religion). We just hope that RMs can muhasabah (post-mortem) on what they have done so far and realize whether it does work or not. If the style of preaching that you’ve done today (e.g protest during hedonistic events etc) doesn’t work, you guys should reassess and re-strategize a new way so that your message can be delivered effectively to the Muslim and Non-Muslim.

    Let us as a Muslim, take our greatest role model, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and see how he treat his fellow non-Muslim in Madinah and at the same time promote to them about Islam. The greatest man ever created by Allah has done it, effectively and accepted by all religions. So we should opt to analyze on what is the best way that we can (as a Muslim) prevent maksiat (sins) from happenning and promote good attitude.

  38. SociallyAware says:


    Perhaps your intentions are pure and you want people to understand the truth as you understand it. However, we live in a multi-racial and multi-religious society. I, speaking from a completely neutral background, find that your earlier lengthy comment contains content that is highly offensive to Christians.

    Different people have their different and diverse beliefs. Yes, we can share with people about our faith so they have a better understanding. But if you insult the faith of others, how can you then expect people to even open their mind to the message that you have to convey?

    Think about it. In your goodwill do not stumble others. It will drive them further away from understanding your faith. I personally find that Islamophobia makes me sick and I want it to end. But people like you are not helping the situation.

  39. RM says:

    i would appreciate whenever RM try to take an action to anti any event in UTP, discuss with the management ppl and event committees first. Get official approval, don’t just drive around the campus act like pak guard.

    You only have the power to ADVICE not force ppl to follow your way(good intention).

    E.g. when there’s an event, there’ll be seat separate male and female. the audiences can choose to sit separately or just stand at the back. Don’t force people to sit.

  40. THinkeR says:

    I am one of those people who dwell in the anti-RM group. Please do not get me wrong. I am not against Islam. Most people feels that if they are against RM then they are against Islam. I beg to differ.

    I am a muslim. Most people who see me perceives that I don’t have much Islamic knowledge. this is the first problem with some RM members. They think that those who are not in their group, are not that religious. Ny question, who are they to value whether a person is religious or not. Last time I checked, only God can do that.

    Second point, some of the RM members are not practicing the right way to preach(dakwah). You just go and warn people about hell fire and the sufferings that you will receive after you die. more importantly, death is always reminded. It makes the whole hing gloomy. I prefer the more positive approach. Use logic to explain rather than use threats. Look at the positive side. Talk about living and how to live better rather than dwell on death alone.

    I hope what you have done here will urge the so called RM to change their ways before it is too late…

  41. Jared says:

    Dear all,

    I have posted an English translation of the response by Akram, the President of Rakan Masjid, for your reading pleasure: [link]

    Thank you for sharing here! 😉

  42. Rausyanfikir says:

    *Politik Machiavellinisme dan PRK UTP: Satu analisa ringkas* —http://rausyanfikir.com/2009/10/politik-machiavellinisme-dan-prk-utp.html

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