Normality Restored


Photo by Tina Keller

MSN Messenger conversation between Joanna and I: 🙂

Me: *beep [1]

Joanna: Ooh, I see you’re well versed with robot-speak now. Hello to you too, my machine friend.

*warble beep boop

Hmm, “I come in peace” has 4 tones. “Any last requests” on the other hand.. Darn, you’d think such advanced creatures come with built-in translators or dictionaries at the very least!

*whoop whoop crackle fizzzz-it is only primitive creatures like you who choose to waste time with language when entire libraries could be conveyed in a simple but well-toned “beep”.

Ah, did you not know then that it is an innate need and inherent calling for humans to waste time on nonsense and gobbledygook? Why else would we hang on to the words of say, politicians, laying bets to see which one’s more entertaining than the other?

This “innate need and inherent calling” is illogical and inefficient, and permits far too much room for misunderstanding, intentional or otherwise.

No no no.. It is proof that human nature cannot be altered or challenged by creatures of technology.

..which is the only reason why we have permitted to you continue thinking that you created us machines. Now if you’ll excuse me- *shwooop click

Ah, just you wait. I shall alert the authorities or whoever it is that has authority to not recharge your batteries! *throws female fit* ..see you around sometime my circuit-brained friend; that is, if you haven’t yet been reformatted by then!

“Normality restored” [2]

Things are returning to normal here on The Awesomesauce Times.

I’ve been spending so much time keeping UTPians updated with the latest political mudfights on campus that I’ve neglected my core readership: friends and family who read the blog to know how I’ve been keeping. If anything, I’m sure that they’re pretty surprised to know I’ve stirred up quite the debate here in UTP these past few days!

In the meantime, I’ve quite a few topics lined up that I’m looking forward to posting up here on the blog. To tantalize your neurons:


Yep, I got the game!

Borderlands is part role-playing game, part first-person shooter, and all badass. Is the game’s much-vaunted “87 bazillion guns” reason enough to pick it up and play?


I am so addicted to this one.

Friends for Sale is like any another Facebook application that lets you face off with your friends. How do you play this game and get to put your friends on sale?


Nope, my work ain't done just yet!

The semester may be close to over, but it only marks the end of my Final Year Project I. So what are my thoughts on the FYP so far and what’s on my to-do list next?

Stay tuned!

All these questions answered and more, coming up on The Awesomesauce Times. In the meantime, the FAQ section of this blog has a list of posts you could read while waiting for the next update.

[1] This is one of the usual ways I start conversations with people in my friends list. No, seriously.
[2] Points to those who manage to guess where this line was originally mentioned.


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