Craving the Human Connection

Quickie: Exams are a tiring thing, even when you don’t have them at the moment.

(L-R) Jun-Xiang, Kei Fai, Sen Loong, Awesomesauce, Kuharaaj

You’d think that surrounded by my coursemates, computer games, movies, series, Facebook, blog, roommate, etc., I really shouldn’t have a problem with loneliness.

Fact is, I do.

Sure there are a lot of people who I can joke, laugh and work with, but none of them have ever really ‘clicked’ with me on a more personal basis.

I get the impression that a substantial number of people here in UTP (not all of them) are actually quite shallow and superficial. They don’t stimulate me, intellectually and emotionally, the way my classmates and schoolmates do.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who can share your personal problems with just about any Tom, Dick and Harry on the street. I know I’m certainly not.

Even with technology to keep me connected across the globe with all my friends, I’ve come to realize that it’s no longer enough to hear them say “Hello” over the phone, or read their IMs about their latest escapades.

I miss physically being with them, in the same room, hearing them laugh or watching them talk. It’s about that intimate connection with other people that technology simply cannot replicate, no matter how hard it tries.

It’s the human connection that I miss, that I crave so much these days.

* * * * *

Here’s to the brilliant people of St. Michael’s Institution, especially those of Five Science One, class of 2004/2005.


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5 Responses to Craving the Human Connection

  1. Joanna says:

    Hey there !!

    Here’s some tech-induced human connection ! I do get what you mean by being lonely in a crowd. But keep searching, you might just find a kindred spirit somewhere out there.

    And you could always catch this human through the tangle of the world wide web … 🙂

  2. Henry Yew says:

    Aww… come on, pal, how about a hearty hug from me? After exams come look for me in KL lah… do some travelling or whatever… then we can chat to our hearts content on whatever issues, personal or otherwise.

  3. haneefisa says:

    Its better to have one best friend that really suits you and will stand by you no matter what, than having hundreds of people that you have to call friends just because they are in the same class, same uni, etc. But thats just what we have to do, otherwise we will be seen as a bad person. Thats just how things work here, i noticed.

    I agree with you about some of the people here in UTP being shallow and superficial.

    Anyway, life does not ends here. We might find the friend we’ve been looking for somewhere else afterward. So dont loose hope 😀

  4. kenwooi says:

    hey.. it’s not easy to meet up nowadays.. because we’re all scattered around.. haha..
    that’s why social medias come into play..
    we’ll keep in touch that way ya.. =)

  5. kelvin says:

    I totally agree with u…

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