Sunsets on Holiday

Photo by saccodent

It’s the holidays for me, and that means no Internet connection to waste my time on at home for me!

So what’s been up with me over the last two or three weeks that I’ve vanished off the face of the (online) Earth?

To tell you the truth: nothing at all! I’ve basically been sleeping, eating and gaming my ass off practically every day.

Lately though, there has been something niggling me in the back of my addled brain the last couple of days.

Three effin’ syllables, coincidentally beginning with the letter ‘eff’.

Have been debating going back to university just to get started on building my website for my Final Year Project, as some of my beloved coursemates will be doing so sometime this week or next. (So hardworking!)

I don’t mind going back to university. I can come back to Ipoh anytime I like, since the only schedule I’ll be facing there is the schedule I impose upon my dear self.

Then again, there is a problem in terms of the accommodation there. If I were to choose to stay in my current room, the rent rate is RM40 per week.

I could choose to stay in the old blocks temporarily for cheaper rates, but that would entail having to pack up all my stuff and move back to my current room before the semester starts up again.

Course, I could just live out of a suitcase those early weeks.

There’s also that teeny problem of leaving Ipoh behind for Nowheresville a.k.a. Tronoh..

Decisions decisions!

Meantime, I think I’ll spend my time here in Ipoh.. trying to get some work done on my part.

Easier said than done, that.

Plans for the rest of the holidays that don’t involve work? Let’s see: catching up with friends (anyone in Ipoh at the mo?) and a long-delayed trip to KL to catch up with a lot of people! I say ‘long-delayed’ cos I’m still searching for accommodation for the time being, heh.

Have a fun December y’all! Be-early-ed Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2010! Woohoo!


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I am all the awesomesauce you could ever want in a handsome, neat package, and you know it.
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4 Responses to Sunsets on Holiday

  1. Brian says:

    I got a bed to spare but my location kind of sucks >.<"""

  2. kenwooi says:

    enjoy your holidays..
    happy early xmas and new year! =P

  3. Joanna says:


    Holdays! Wheee to that! Oh, and you’re coming up to KL ?? Haha

    Btw, left you something on my blog. Go collect it aite?
    Toodles 😀

  4. huiwen7 says:

    Hey Jared, I hope you’re going to KL after Jan the 2nd, and before Feb the 22nd =) We haven’t meet up in 2 years! And I don’t think I’ll be coming back to Malaysia next year, haha…

    Oh same routine here – sleep, eat, sleep, eat… But instead of gaming, I go online and read random stuff/blogs…

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