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The Fruit Bowl

Like many stories weaved before, this story begins once upon a time. In a land not so far away, there was a very special bowl of fruit. Now, this particular fruit bowl didn’t immediately seem like there was anything special … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 2

Quickie: As a result of the successful synergy of the common flu virus with the cells in my throat, I now have a deep, husky voice guaranteed to make any lady swoon. As if I wasn’t charming enough already. *chuckles* … Continue reading

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Thirty Minutes

Good morning to you and a hearty Gong Xi Fa Cai celebrating the Year of the Tiger! My Chinese New Year this time around has been quite a special affair. On the family side of things, it was mostly quiet … Continue reading

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The Awesomesauce Times welcomes the YEAR OF THE TIGER with a funny poster. Don’t you just love double comparatives? 😛 Wishing you much prosperity, wealth and happiness all around!

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Hauled Ass Back From The Edge

I’ve been neglecting my responsibilities too much lately. A lot of things have been demanding my attention for awhile now. I realize these days I’ve been more and more content to just block the world out and settle in my … Continue reading

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