Hauled Ass Back From The Edge

Photo by kevindooley // Flickr

I’ve been neglecting my responsibilities too much lately.

A lot of things have been demanding my attention for awhile now. I realize these days I’ve been more and more content to just block the world out and settle in my fantasies, unchained by the fetters of a harsh reality.

I tell myself it’s time to buck up. I promise myself I’d get things done.

Two minutes later I’m traversing some alien world looking for buried treasure; the stacks of paper behind me all but forgotten, left to blow away in the afternoon breeze.

People don’t just know; they expect me to be better than this.

This was not who I used to be. This is not who I am. And even if it kills me this is not the person that I want to be.

I’m so sorry to all of you. I came close to letting you down once more.

And to the both of you.. thank you. Thank you for reminding me that people friends do still care, thank you for taking the time to wander off your paths for awhile if only to guide me back to my own.

Time to roll up my sleeves and dust off the study material. It’s back to work, yippee-yi-yay!


About Jared

I am all the awesomesauce you could ever want in a handsome, neat package, and you know it.
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3 Responses to Hauled Ass Back From The Edge

  1. izzi says:

    the first part sounded like a suicide note dear. 🙂


    lots of love and lucks!

  2. Haris H. says:

    If i’m sure what this is all about. I would just like to say no prob. I might even help find more buried treasure. Just remember, there ain’t no rest for the wicked. =P
    Live free or die hard brother. Hurah!!!

  3. haneefisa says:

    expectations are stressing.

    hang in there~

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