Thirty Minutes

Photo by gitsul. // Flickr

Good morning to you and a hearty Gong Xi Fa Cai celebrating the Year of the Tiger!

My Chinese New Year this time around has been quite a special affair. On the family side of things, it was mostly quiet – but it was a wholly different story to tell as far as old friends are concerned!

Before I move on to happy times though, let’s take a look at that weird post title once more..

“Ah yes. The question that’s hung in the air since your arrival..”

Pizza Parlay

It was the third day of Chinese New Year. The fiery sun was out at high noon, scorching the parched earth with searing rays of burning heat.

(Whew, doesn’t just reading that sentence make you feel so damn hot?)

I’d planned for lunch to be a splendid affair with an old friend of mine, where we’d get to catch up with one another and reaffirm our close bond. Noting that most, if not all, traffic in Ipoh was headed in the direction of Kinta City mall, we chose to detour our lunch towards the Pizza Hut restaurant in Ipoh Garden South.

Lo and behold, as we entered the outlet it seemed as if every other soul who (wisely) chose not to go to Jusco had turned up at this one place for lunch instead!

The whole building was literally crammed wall-to-wall with every imaginable type of person available, all of whom were hungry and clamoring for lunch to be served A.S.A.P.. The staff clearly had their hands more than full in dealing with the tantrums, complaints, waves and whistles of so many disgruntled customers!

Against our better judgement, we decided to remain and brave the wait for our food. Some time later (which involved a lot of frantic waving and jumping about), a cute hot cute sexy cute totally-cute-fuckworthy waitress finally took our order and kindly informed us of the expected waiting time.

“Can you wait one hour, sir?”


One hour?! That’s sixty minutes – three thousand and six hundred seconds – I will have to wait in agony as my emotions oscillate wildly between hair-width-from-edge-of-insanity and teeth-gnashing-tummy-turmoil!

Thank goodness my friend decided to have a word with the manager of the place. The manager seemed suitably apologetic after that. I wondered aloud if my friend had been over-generous with her choice of words, but she reassured me by saying she was very polite towards the manager.

Within ten minutes, the first dishes began arriving at our table, allowing us me to breathe a sigh of relief as I promptly devoured the appetizers in a storm. Over the next twenty minutes, the remainder of our lunch finally came, so we dug in and smiled to ourselves at our brilliant ingenuity. Pizza for lunch, and we only had to wait 30 minutes for it in the end!

Chinese Chagrin

But my woes with food did not end at lunch. As if waiting half an hour for delicious, opulent, juicy – some would say ‘fattening’ – pizza wasn’t bad enough..

I had dinner with my family at a Chinese restaurant in Kinta City mall later that night. Somehow, despite the lessening in the number of parked cars that night, the restaurant was unusually packed to the brim with people.

Ta-da! After the hassle of getting a waitress to come to our table to take our order, it took another agonizingly long 30 minutes for all our food to arrive! Without appetizers to keep our hunger sated, it didn’t take too long before tempers were flaring at the table.

On top of all that, it took the waitress 30 minutes before she informed us that they’d run out of the vegetables we’d ordered with our rice!

The one redeeming quality about the entire farce? The cream butter mantis prawns we ordered were simply deee-vine!

*harrumph* Still, that one dish does not excuse the restaurant from screwing up our dinner so late. That nearly blew my entire night.

Friends and Tiger!

So, like I said, I had a BLAST hanging out with my buddies for CNY this year! Considering it was so effing awesomesauce I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves, eh?

Photo creds to Steven Lau, sourced from his Facebook album. 😀

The Fellowship of Guo Zheng // feb15outing

Front row, L-R: Chan Chee Lupp, Aw Sheng Yuen, Yew Guo Zheng, Liew Kei Fai, Wooi Wei Ken, Wong Sen Loong
Second row, L-R: Gooi Harvey, Awesomesauce, Lau Kah Kiat, Choy Whye Hon, Chan Chee Hoo, Daniel Ngu Yik Loong
Back row, L-R: Jason Lee Chor Kwan, Irwin Ho
Photographer: Joanna Chia

Red Ex Three // feb15outing

Guessing Games:
Whose hand is that behind Kei Fai’s head? 😛

The Strange Amulet a.k.a. Chest-Staring // feb15outing

Not everyone could figure out what Kei Fai was wearing as an amulet, which led to much.. staring.

Shock and Awe // feb16meetup

Supper at Tong Sui Kai (Cantonese: ‘Dessert Street’) with weird conversation topics.. hence the “?!” expressions.

Co-juniors of '04 // feb16meetup

Lau Kah Kiat and I while we were at Kinta Riverfront.

Twin Siblings // feb16meetup

This particular pose attracted a lot of looks from the rest of the gang present that day. (Obviously?)

* * * * *

More updates to come soon! 😀


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4 Responses to Thirty Minutes

  1. You just made me hungry with the food shot at the top. . =.=
    i feel fat.

  2. Jared says:

    doesn’t it look SO DELECTABLE?? :mrgreen:

  3. Henry Yew says:

    Oh c’mon Joanna,
    You’re NOT fat.

    I like the “WADEFAK” expression… LOL

  4. NJ says:

    twin siblings ftw! hahaha

    eh we are so identical on the “wadefak?” photo lol.

    i think it was before the ?! topic. cos steven’s camera was with me LOL

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