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Words are magical in their own way. Words spoken with the female voice are not just magical, but sexy and oh-so-sensual as well. “This is the story I had always meant to write, but never managed to pen. “For lack … Continue reading

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The World From Up High

As much fun as wildly swinging from the end of a rope can be, it’s been long enough that I don’t know anymore what the rope looks like from where it’s anchored. I’m afraid the rope is breaking twine by … Continue reading

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The Unbreakable Bond

If slavery means being bound to the sparkle of your eyes, tied up in the auburn tresses of your hair, locked up by the beauty of your smile, and chained within your loving embrace, then freedom is a price I’d … Continue reading

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All Hail The (Lich) King

Prince Arthas Menethil 2003-2010 The year 2010 marks a watershed moment in gaming for fans of the Blizzard’s long-running Warcraft series of games. Prince Arthas Menethil has met his end at the hands of skilled adventurers assembling from around the … Continue reading

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Program Bicara Negarawan Bersama Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Excerpted from Pihak JASA akan menganjurkan Program Realiti TV yang akan melibatkan peserta dari 12 IPTA & 5 IPTS. Program ini akan bermula dari 26 – 30 Mac 2010. Melalui program Realiti TV ini, semua peserta akan bersama Tokoh … Continue reading

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