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At the center of town is a clock tower. For most people, what fascinates them is the intricate carvings on its marble walls and the ancient-looking clock face with strange indecipherable symbols where the numbers should be. Historians claim it … Continue reading

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Crack’a Bottle

Fuck, FYP’s over already anyway, why the hell am I still in this mood. Just got to get that hardbound report done and that won’t be too difficult since the deadline got postponed. Now, how should we savor this sweet, … Continue reading

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Cause for Jubilation?

Final Year Project II Oral Presentation April 29, 2010 | 12:30pm | 02.01.14 External Examiner: Mr. Eugene Chang Internal Examiners: Ms. Nazleeni, Ms. Subarna, Ms. Amy Foong Agenda: Presentation | System demo | Q&A session UPDATE (April 29, 1.37pm): What … Continue reading

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Adjunct Lecture

Having an adjunct lecture today in conjunction with the Small Business and Entrepreneurship subject. Not really looking forward to it considering how much work there is to be done, but skipping it isn’t an option either. Now, I need to … Continue reading

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So Apparently

Apparently one of the university’s lecturers wants to conduct a study on us participants of the Program Bicara Negarawan (read all about it from Day 1!) to determine what qualities set us apart from regular university students! Even though I’m … Continue reading

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