Cause for Jubilation?

Photo by Beverly & Pack // Flickr

Final Year Project II Oral Presentation
April 29, 2010 | 12:30pm | 02.01.14
External Examiner: Mr. Eugene Chang
Internal Examiners: Ms. Nazleeni, Ms. Subarna, Ms. Amy Foong
Agenda: Presentation | System demo | Q&A session

UPDATE (April 29, 1.37pm):

What a shitty presentation. Some guy who was supposed to present before me bailed and went AWOL. In the middle of dressing up, I get a call from Haneef – seriously, thanks dude – who told me my slot had been pushed a whole half hour earlier.

Cue rushing like crazy and fastwalking in hot sun with heavy laptop. Reach aircond presentation venue with sweat dripping off me by the bucketful.

External examiner was very nice. He had a lot of comments, mostly on the technical aspects of my website. Also more analysis on the survey bit. Told me “he couldn’t see what made my website different from others” as well as my “technical contributions”.

I know I’m supposed to be glad it’s over. So why do my shoulders still feel slouched and heavy with burden? 😦

P.S. STILL, One step closer to graduation.


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