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P’s and Q’s

My last final examinations are now over. I will be in Kuala Lumpur from 28-30 May on personal business and Ipoh for at least a couple of weeks more after that. Still looking to hear from a couple of prospective … Continue reading

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The Letter at the End of the World

This, here, is the end of my life. Tomorrow is my last paper, Knowledge Management & Development. I’d always thought that this moment would be one of joy and excitement for me. Yet tonight as I sit here typing these words … Continue reading

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Definitions and You

We all rely on definitions, especially us final-year students. Sometimes you come across a word that you’ve never encountered in your life. It’s like the geek version of seeing an exotic species of wild animal for the first time. Immediately, … Continue reading

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Questioned, Answered!

My Formspring page has been rather dead of late; which is a shame, because I’ve got some pretty interesting questions that took me awhile to answer. I’ve decided to share some of those questions here with you, along with the … Continue reading

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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction

The Sam Fisher you knew is dead. America killed him, asked him to make one sacrifice too many, cross one line too far. An unknown drunk driver killed him, murdering his daughter, taking away the one thing that humanized him … Continue reading

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