The Awesomely Long Weekend

I’ve had an awesomesauce weekend. There was the Jan ’06 batch dinner on Saturday night at Clearwater Sanctuary Resort, and on Sunday it was the Jan ’06 IT/IS family day-cum-beach outing to Teluk Batik! Will post up more about these two events soon, don’t you worry. šŸ˜‰

And let’s not forget Chapter 3 in the T.I.M.E. saga is coming up as well! All these and more, coming soon only onĀ The Awesomesauce Times!


About Jared

I am all the awesomesauce you could ever want in a handsome, neat package, and you know it.
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One Response to The Awesomely Long Weekend

  1. yiwei says:

    I read both chapters of your opus and absolutely loved them! Cannot wait for the next one! šŸ™‚ Much love, will catch up with you once the finals are done.

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