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My Formspring page has been rather dead of late; which is a shame, because I’ve got some pretty interesting questions that took me awhile to answer. I’ve decided to share some of those questions here with you, along with the answers I’ve provided. Hope you find them useful, and don’t hesitate to bring me more of your own questions to my Formspring page!

haha. kau nih cool je, relax je. so whats the secret?

My secret? I’ve learned to accept myself for who I really am, flaws and all. I know my strengths and I employ them. I know my weaknesses and I strive to fix them. I’ve found the Awesomesauce inside myself and it makes me comfortable and confident to be in my own skin. I guess you call me “cool” and “relax” cos that’s exactly who you’re seeing: a guy who loves himself – and I don’t mean narcissism here – and isn’t afraid to smile and be himself at all times! 🙂

if you were to write book,what would the title say?

The Awesomesauce Times
Jared Ee Han Seong
Life Coach and Success Motivator

“When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.”

wo0o0ow no wonder lah u so wo0ow in english 😛 hahaha so how to become great a crowd public speaker ? in both leader quality and memba just chilling quality?

Plan what you want to say beforehand. Rehearse what you’ve planned. Tell yourself that you’re awesome. Tell yourself your speech is gonna be awesome. Stand straight, look your audience in the eye and smile. Speak loudly and clearly.

Don’t think about how much your hands and knees are shaking, or how your voice seems close to breaking or how out of breath you feel. Think about the smiles of your audience, warm up to their attention, and live it up in front of them. Last of all, enjoy the applause! 🙂

how to improve my english as wo0o0ow as you?

Read a lot – books, newspapers (most important one of all), magazines, my blog. Watch English movies, especially anything with Johnny Depp in it. Write everyday – sentences, paragraphs, essays. Get people to comment on your writing style and correct your errors.

Don’t be content with what you know now. Always strive for improvement, to learn new words, proper usage of punctuation, and new phrases / proverbs / similes.

Listen to the speeches of the greats: e.g. John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, Winston Churchill. Learn the language they use and use the language they learned.

Above all, never be disheartened. Compare yourself with others only as a benchmark to improve, not to moan about the terrible level of your own English. I wish you all the best and good luck. 🙂

What celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?

Ooh, I like this question a lot! Tobey Maguire, for one, cos growing up I had people call me ‘Spiderman’ supposedly for looking like Peter Parker. James McAvoy, maybe? Hmm.. I can’t think of any other actors though.

define genius

Genius: a tendency to see things differently from others. Finding inspiration in the little things. Always creative and quick on the draw. A little bit of crazy topped with a bowl of smarts and seasoned with courage.

what is it like being u?

It’s pretty awesomesauce, actually. I lead an awesome life, though the workload is currently the biggest mood buster. Still, times like these you just suck it up and push on, and you focus on awesome things to help you get through the day like girls and games and chocolate and girls, and oh yeah, girls.

Basically, pretty awesomesauce. I don’t know how else to adequately describe it. 🙂

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Kamu rasa kamu benar-benar mengejar impian kamu dengan belajar di UTP? Ada impian lain yang bunyi cam impossible, tapi kamu yakin kamu boleh buat?

I think learning in UTP has been more about preparing myself not from an academic point-of-view, but more towards my personality and character. Of course, the knowledge I’ve gained here has been invaluable but it’s the things like perseverance, responsibility, integrity, communication, tolerance, etc. that take precedence.

Everything else out there, whatever is in store for me in my first job – all that can be learned. But it all starts with the RIGHT ATTITUDE towards learning, towards lifelong learning. In that sense, I think I’m on the right path to pursuing my dreams by choosing to study in UTP. I don’t think anywhere else would have made me who I am today.

Impossible-sounding dreams, but ones I’m confident of achieving? I want to be an influential leader who inspires others to step up and realize their own potentials. I want to be the person who births a generation – or two – of new, capable leaders who can inspire others to follow in their footsteps. 🙂

why do guys play games like there is no tomorrow? what is so nice of games? ps:please dont say the trill

I take it you’re a girl? Personally, I find games as a form of escapism: you leave behind your real-world worries and concerns for a time and you live the life of a game character out to save or destroy the world. Like when we played with action figures when we were young? Think of games as a more interactive version of that.

What is so nice of games, you ask? Some people play it for the storyline, like the Final Fantasy series which has introduced so many memorable and dynamic characters in such harrowing plots worthy of a Hollywood script! Others still play it for the experience, like Gears of War, which captures the grittiness of conflict and the bonds of brotherhood in bloody, visceral combat. And of course there are those who play it for the challenge, like DoTA, where you compete in a match of skill, reflexes and wit against other human opponents.

And of course, how can one talk about enjoying games without mentioning the thrill? try World of Warcraft, where preparations to fight a Boss enemy can take up to several days, and the fights last several hours. but the feeling of satisfaction, of joy at taking down a huge, difficult enemy? Sheer bliss!

But really, both our genders have their hangups. I’d ask you why girls enjoy shopping like there’s no tomorrow.. but i already know that answer, being a shopper myself. 😛

[read: Assassin’s Creed II]

what is so awesome bout ‘cha? i didn’t get it.. mind to elaborate?

Nur Athirah and I: Awesomesauce! // Photo by Nur Athirah

At the risk of sounding arrogant/syok sendiri, I consider myself awesome because:

  • I’m confident in my own strengths
  • I click with a lot of people well
  • I have a way with words most people don’t
  • I’m brilliantly intelligent
  • I have a winning smile
  • I really care for those close to me
  • I’m a charmer, a motivator, and a joker
  • I have awesome friends who love and support me
  • I appreciate the small things in life

Feel free to add more if you know me well! 🙂

between girl-on-top and doggie style, which would you prefer and why?

Each position has its time. In the beginning of the sex session, I’d choose doggie style because of the overt sexual domination over the female that is commonly associated with this position. As the session continues however, it makes sense to swap to girl-on-top so that I can recover my strength and stamina while she takes the reins for a bit! Theoretically this should prolong your sex session since it doesn’t over-exert any one partner. 🙂

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if you had a chance to go out on a date with any JAN06 ITIS girl, who would it be and why?

scandalous question! i loikeee~

1st, gotta list down all the gals yg aku *secretly* minat: aimi, sur (taken), zetty, tirah, rahmah (taken), lana, dyla (taken), sangari (taken), weixuan, dayah (taken).

2nd, dropping all those yg dh berstatus (taken): aimi, tirah, lana, weixuan, zetty.

3rd, if date = “saje2 kuar satu hari sbg couple”, then date_name = “aimi”; elseif date = “interested to pursue a relationship”, then date_name = “tirah”

all cases described above are hypothetical/fictional n shd not be taken seriously in any way 🙂

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* * * * *

I think that’s enough Q&A for today. Be sure to drop by my Formspring page and you might just have your question reblogged here someday! 😀


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    Haha! I loved your response to the last question… go, programming! 😉

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