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Smoking Hot? ..Not!

So there I was at this nondescript generic Chinese coffee shop when this absolutely awesome-looking babe steps in with whom I presume is her boyfriend. Long straight flowing hair? Check. Sensuous twinkling eyes? Check. Sweet happy smile? Check. Hot delicious … Continue reading

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Religion and Me

I’ve always had a problem with filling in forms asking for personal details. If you were to look, there’s always a section asking you to choose your religion from a set amount of options, the basics being Islam, Buddhism, Christianity … Continue reading

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I hate having no Internet access at home. I wish I had the time and connection to continue crafting more awesomesauce posts from the comfort of home. In the meantime, I did this: Note: I used bold font for the … Continue reading

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Lunch Today

Lunch at Cocooon, that quite-new place in Greentown Business Centre. Went out with Anne-Marie, Joanna Gough and Yoong Tat, the latter whom I’ve not seen since primary school. The food was good, the atmosphere was nice, and catching up over … Continue reading

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