A Dreamer’s Reality

When we were kids we used to be full of life and wonder. Every Ali, Chong and Muthu wanted to be policemen, doctors, lawyers, or CEOs. Some of us even wanted to be Superman.

Our parents would fill our tiny heads with stories of their past generation; how hard work and constant self-sacrifice enabled them to put just enough food and drink for the family on the table. How the world now was kinder to those with sharp minds and strong hearts, and anyone worth his salt could go on to further his education.

Where our parents stared at travel ads and sighed wistfully, we flew to those same distant lands in the pursuit of knowledge. Now we stand on the cusp of adulthood, ready to step forward and face the challenges and rigors of a salaried career.

Back then we wanted to be Superman. Twenty years down the road, how much of that idealism remains in us? As we age will we prefer to continue down the same path out of complacency and fear, or will we change paths even if it means traversing difficult and unknown terrain?

If we wanted to conquer the world as boys and girls, if we had dreamed of changing the ways of its people then, what now? Do we still shelter those ideals inside us, or has “reality” tempered the passion of our souls?

Wen Li asks, what are you afraid of? I know what I fear most. I fear by the time I am thirty or more, the world and all its evils will dull me, blinding me to the fact that once upon a time I did have dreams and aspirations.

I fear that I will be stuck in a dead-end job, running errands and attending meetings 9-to-5 just for the money it puts in my pocket.

I know what I want to be and, more importantly, I know what I don’t want to be.

I don’t want to be everyone else, despairing once-dreamers who have lost their awesomesauce in the endless rat race of life.

What are you afraid of?


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I am all the awesomesauce you could ever want in a handsome, neat package, and you know it.
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2 Responses to A Dreamer’s Reality

  1. adlil says:

    Many people are being drawn closer to reality, and further away from idealism once they have reached a certain age. But what can one do? The dreamers are few when you are integrated with grown men and women in society, and realistic viewpoints are almost always the ‘correct’ choice. Resistance will be met with a swift reply: “Get your head out of the clouds” or “You are no longer a kid. You are an adult who has to make adult decisions.”

    Perhaps they are right, perhaps they are not. But I say that there still needs to be idealism in the world. People who want something that is better than what is actually there. To me, a world without dreams is when we start to accept things without questioning ourselves: “How can we make this even better?” and that is poison to our growth in the world.

    So, I propose that a balance is needed. An optimal combination of ‘ideal’ and ‘real’. Not a crazy extreme of one or another. Something that will allow us to grow within a doable limit. That way, we get the best outcome.

  2. Yi Wei says:

    I fear being mediocre. For quite some time, I’ve found myself in the “jack of all trades” seat. Having too many choices is also difficult. I’m afraid of venturing down one path, and after the bend, find it ultimately unsuitable for me and facing a point of no return. But life’s a gamble, and while I have my wits, supportive friends and family, I’m not afraid to cast my dice and play on. This includes being idealistic and doing the best I can for myself and others!

    Ok, enough rambling 🙂 I have a Superman t-shirt btw.

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