That Familiar Feeling

A couple of folks have mentioned my blog in passing conversation these days, so I guess it’s time to turn out another post. Just give me a few minutes to clear the cobwebbed code and digital dust out first..

Right, back. So today’s steamy topic will be about office relationships.

Because I couldn't find a picture of two babes in office wear, kissing.

Photo by vobios // Flickr Creative Commons

No, not the one where you have that fantasy of cornering and having fun with that awesomely fucking hot secretary after hours. (The word ‘relationship’ doesn’t always refer to the one involving sex, you know.)

Sorry to bring you back down to the boring earth, but I’m talking more about your interactions with the people in your office – your colleagues, bosses, co-workers, and yes, that awesomely fucking hot secretary too.

Most times, you’re definitely civil with your officemates, barring those one or two jerks that have made messing up your life part of their KPIs. You have lunch with them, make small talk about work, and happily bitch about the one or two jerks.

But would you consider your co-workers as friends? Or, to better put things in perspective, are these the kind of people you’d add (or approve, if they’re the enthusiastic ones) in your Facebook?

I came into working life under the impression that, at the office, distance counts. Apparently (as some book, newspaper or magazine tells me) it’s only proper to not be too close to anyone earning his keep in the same building as you. There’re only so many things they can know, said article continues, before things inevitably get awkward when your colleagues find out you have a penchant for tying girls up with barbed wire.

I don’t really subscribe fully to this piece of advice myself though: on one hand, sure, I’d keep my distance from people with whom I’m not that close yet. On another, with the colleagues I do know better than the others, I’m open to the idea of being friends (and for those of you eyeing the boss’s secretary, more than friends) with them outside of the office.

Opening up to them has its risks though. When statements like “I didn’t know you still liked Pokemon!” or “So how many girls are you, like, dating now anyway?” keep cropping up in your conversations around the water cooler, you’re tempted to either smile and slip away quietly or mentally note to yourself to ‘unfriend’ these folks on Facebook later.

Do you maintain a professional distance from your co-workers? What if your manager added you as a friend on Facebook? How would you react? What’s your take on the issue?


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5 Responses to That Familiar Feeling

  1. Sayang Syazanna says:

    I think you dont really have to keep a close relationship with them for the sake of privacy,

    Who knows they’ll mght be into you as a stalker since your meeting them everyday….

    A little piece about yourself is okay, but other than that, not too much…

    Gossiping starts when people know something about you, if not they’ll just ignore you…

    but since I’m not working,I guess thats all i can say about my point of view…

  2. izzi says:

    Me personally, I’m a social bug. I HATE not knowing my colleagues. (Figured that out in last event. If I don’t like, or I’m uncomfortable with the people I work with, I tend to…not work. 😀 ) I think the issue is how much you’re willing to spend time (I call it investing) with them. Are you okay with spending after hours chatting with them? Or weekends with them? Have anything in common? Do they annoy you? Because like it or not, you’re working with them. And its the same thing in high school, college or university. You can’t always be friends with your coursemates, but its always necessary to network and connect with them. Don’t want them to think you’re a snob now do you?

    But employers should be a different case. Respect, mind you, means keeping your distance. No matter how social and friendly, they’re not there to make friends.

    Just be nice to everyone and accept all invitations. It never hurts to socialize. 🙂

  3. Seng Foo says:

    I also had this feeling when I first start working. But eventually I got over it and started to practice The Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. It has never fail me.

  4. farha says:

    hey dude,. do update the blog link.. hows life treating you?… 🙂 happy new year Jared!

  5. Ericsoft says:

    working environment is alwiz different compare we used to be in our old school…Maverick do you discover that every working place sure have one or two make your life miserable for sure? haha~!!

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