Toilet Humour

Water cascading over a pair of hands.

Photo by By SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget // Flickr Creative Commons

Disclaimer: Do not read this post during mealtimes. You have been forewarned!

You notice one thing about Malaysians; though a lot of us speak English with foreign accents, have studied in prestigious universities abroad, or work with professional global corporations, our sense of toilet etiquette (especially in public toilets) is remarkably atrocious!

Some of the more ‘interesting’ toilet habits I have heard friends complain about include:

  • Not washing hands after leaving the urinal/cubicle
  • Shaking hands dry and splashing water everywhere
  • Throwing tissue paper in the urinals
  • Sleeping in the cubicles

Makes you wonder what kind of person is able to sleep in a toilet. As to whether this person was simultaneously engaging in ‘big business’ and shut-eye, I did not ask.

What was your most ‘memorable’ bathroom visit lately?


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1 Response to Toilet Humour

  1. ken says:

    not flushing the toilet after a big business đŸ™‚

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