KTM ETS Disruption on Aug 5

As I type this out, I’m waiting for the 8.00am non-stop train to Ipoh this morning at Sentral KL station. Usually I take the nine-something on Friday night, but simultaneous power failures at the Midvalley and Old Railway Station terminals meant the ETS couldn’t get to Sentral since 7pm, stranding at least a hundred passengers here yesterday.

KTM was gracious enough to offer free shuttle buses to Kepong to board the ETS there, while offering full refunds to those who wanted it. Granted, there was some confusion at the ETS ticket counters as to which counters were actually catering for refunds and which ones were solely for other purposes. On the whole though, I felt that KTM did make some solid efforts to try to minimize the damage and bad publicity an unforeseen incident like this could cause them, so kudos to them on that.

The ticket for the 8.00am train set me back about RM25 more than the ETS’s usual fare, but the upside is I get to go home this weekend after about one month away – definitely one of the longest periods I’ve not returned to Ipoh. I think expecting KTM to reduce the price on that ticket simply for this incident would have been nice, but unnecessary; they still have a business to operate after all.

It feels good to be going home.

I’m also planning to be doing some blogging this weekend – expect posts coming soon on events in the past week both personal and national. Stay tuned folks!


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