Rolling in the Deep

Quickie: I had an idea on what to post tonight, then lost it; then Yi Wei (sweet sweet lass) helped me with some inspiration via her latest post, Take a Picture of Me with a Kodak;.

Diary Collection

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Work has, thus far, been good to me. Admittedly my department has had to let go some people over the past few months, but such is the nature of audit.

The upshot of this is that those of us who’ve remained gain the opportunity to work on different types of engagements than we would normally do. For instance, my previous client in Kulai allowed me to get some hands-on tinkering with SAP for a manufacturing environment.

If the allocation list is any indication, I have a diverse client portfolio to keep me busy till the year-end. Best part is, as I mentioned earlier, the type of work I’ll be doing differs from client to client. Granted there are a few similar type jobs here and there, but that’s to be expected.

I’m looking forward to the coming peak period for this reason alone. I hope the workload won’t be too daunting (considering how audit firms always seem to be short on people as this time rolls around) so that I’ll be able to better focus on each engagement I take on and take home some practical and useful learning experiences.

As of now though, I’m happy with where I am here. The previous week has been especially productive, especially since I managed to get a number of things done with the help of my team members and managers. One of them even openly told me of her intention to write me a good performance review for the work I did for her, which buoyed my morale.

This week will be especially busy for me. I opted myself into an attestation engagement for a major financial institution, though the working hours for this particular entity are quite odd – I’m presuming that this is due to the nature of its global-oriented business, so working late is definitely on the cards.

I’m not working on this one alone though – the manager in charge is someone with whom I’ve worked before and she is assisted by one assistant manager who’s quite helpful in providing suitable materials for our reference. On the lower end of the food chain, I’m accompanied by one senior associate and one intern from UTP.

I’m told on top of the late working hours we’ll have our work cut out for us as well. There are a number of financial controls we’ll need to examine and test in some detail, but what exactly our scope covers will only be explained tomorrow before we head out to the client’s.

Seeing how I’ve got a long week ahead of me, I’ll be tucking in shortly. I miss hanging out with people other than my colleagues/housemates though, so I hope to be able to hook up with a few people this weekend for catching up. Here’s to an awesomesauce week, eh folks?


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