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I am all the awesomesauce you could ever want in a handsome, neat package, and you know it.

Two years ago I fell in love with a girl.

She wasn’t someone I had had in my sights the first time I laid eyes upon her. She was quiet and unassuming. It was a crowded restaurant where we found ourselves meeting for the first time. There was a group … Continue reading

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Hush Boy

Today I got home at 11.30pm from client’s. While it has been a long day (plus the fact I took an especially dangerous and rocky bus ride to the office this morning) I’ve never felt so.. alive! at work before. … Continue reading

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Rolling in the Deep

Quickie: I had an idea on what to post tonight, then lost it; then Yi Wei (sweet sweet lass) helped me with some inspiration via her latest post, Take a Picture of Me with a Kodak;. Work has, thus far, … Continue reading

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What’s in a Raid?

A church relatively nearby to my office was raided by the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (JAIS). The resulting uproar was expected, and you’ve got politicians from both sides of the divide trying to distance themselves from the controversy or condemn … Continue reading

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KTM ETS Disruption on Aug 5

As I type this out, I’m waiting for the 8.00am non-stop train to Ipoh this morning at Sentral KL station. Usually I take the nine-something on Friday night, but simultaneous power failures at the Midvalley and Old Railway Station terminals … Continue reading

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