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Laughter is the best medicine

Cats and Their Nine Lives

Say what you will about cats, but they’re awesome. With their quick reflexes, swift agility, graceful poise and keenly honed survival instincts, cats have evolved the tools necessary to co-exist with us in the modern world, one full of dangers … Continue reading

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I Thought You’d Like to Know..

Though this may come as no shock to some of you, I enjoy being a ladies’ man. I’ve been told before that I’m a shameless flirt, though happily no one’s ever said to stop doing it. There’s a delicate balance … Continue reading

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A Guide on How to Survive The Killer Heat Wave

Note: This is a work of fiction and should not be taken seriously in any way. Being located in a country straddling the Equator has its perks, the most interesting of which is the tropical heat. Beach, sun and surf! … Continue reading

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Thirty Minutes

Good morning to you and a hearty Gong Xi Fa Cai celebrating the Year of the Tiger! My Chinese New Year this time around has been quite a special affair. On the family side of things, it was mostly quiet … Continue reading

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The Awesomesauce Times welcomes the YEAR OF THE TIGER with a funny poster. Don’t you just love double comparatives? 😛 Wishing you much prosperity, wealth and happiness all around!

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