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What’s in a Raid?

A church relatively nearby to my office was raided by the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (JAIS). The resulting uproar was expected, and you’ve got politicians from both sides of the divide trying to distance themselves from the controversy or condemn … Continue reading

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That Familiar Feeling

A couple of folks have mentioned my blog in passing conversation these days, so I guess it’s time to turn out another post. Just give me a few minutes to clear the cobwebbed code and digital dust out first.. Right, … Continue reading

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The Talent Corporation

“We are creating more exciting things to attract Malaysians and foreigners to come and play a part in our next level of growth. If we can create more opportunities, some of you might want to come back and those married … Continue reading

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Racism? Really?

Why is everybody acting like racism is a new thing? The two teachers that made racial remarks towards their students weren’t the first to get the ball rolling, and you can almost definitely bet your life savings that they won’t … Continue reading

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Medal of (Drain Cleaning) Honor

Awhile back, I stumbled across the news that the Yang di-Pertua Negri of Penang had given awards to 13 drain cleaners for their lifetime of service (servitude?). [link] The first thought that entered my mind was: “How nice, at last … Continue reading

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